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Aero tweaks to change Supercars style of racing

THE changes made to both models of Gen3 Supercar are set to spark an altered style of racing, according to Macauley Jones.

The sixth-year driver’s team, Brad Jones Racing, has been detailing via video content some of the aero tweaks coming to the Camaro following off-season wind tunnel testing in the United States.

Among them are a wider rear wing to match the Mustang, and modifications to the front of the car.

That will continue a theme of adding downforce to the Gen3 package, which initially was designed around a drastic aero reduction to improve overtaking.

“I think they’re trying to change the style a little bit potentially, with a little bit more downforce than what we initially thought Gen3 was going to have,” Jones said on the opening BJR Run Down podcast episode of 2024.

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Jones clarified the aero factor will remain far below Gen2 levels, and noted a slight increase in downforce could be beneficial in lessening the need for tyre conservation.

“Bumping it up a little bit more I don’t think is going to be a bad thing, just to get it where you have that bit more grip, we’ll be able to hopefully hold onto the tyre and race as hard as what we were last year,” he added.

The updated aero package will heighten the importance of the sole test of the pre-season, which for southern Supercars teams like BJR will be on February 7 at Winton.

“The different aero spec is going to be massively important for how it sets up your year and the first test day, you don’t have any time to waste,” said the #96 driver.

Macauley Jones. Pic: Supplied/Pace Images

“When you have only got three test days in a year and they’re all at the one place, it makes it really difficult to really set that up.

“So for us, we’re lucky that we have the four cars and we can go in four different directions at the same time, so we can all learn in a different direction and see where it goes, reconvene in the middle of the day and reset on a path that one guy might have got and found a really good gain in.

“Some things aren’t going to go faster at Winton but they might go faster at Bathurst, so it’s also trying to interpret the data and the feedback from those changes.”

Jones and co-host Chris Westwood (BJR general manager) also touch on other topics in the episode, including the arrival of recruit Jaxon Evans.

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