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Baird reveals key detail in Payne/Waters collision

SUPERCARS driving standards advisor Craig Baird has elaborated on his view of the dramatic Albert Park incident where Matt Payne and Cam Waters took each other out.

Payne and Waters were squabbling over the lead in Race 3 of the Melbourne SuperSprint on Saturday night when they collided heavily at Turn 14.

Both cars were out on the spot, Broc Feeney was gifted first place, and a furious Waters stormed over to Payne to vent his frustration.

Neither driver was penalised for the matter, although public perception has seemed to side with Payne given the nudge Waters had given him at the previous corner.

Baird seemed to take a different view in explaining the clash, which he said there was no benefit to rub salt in the wounds by dishing out a further punishment.

“Waters had a foul at (Turn) 13. If I had to put myself in Payne’s position, he was just a little bit clumsy,” he told V8 Sleuth’s Race Control podcast.

“But when you ride onboard with him – I think where Waters felt aggrieved more than anything is he thought that Payne was actually trying to shut him down – on the onboard, I looked at his eyes the whole time, from the time he got hit to the time the contact was at the entry of 14, he never once ever looked across that side.

“So he was clumsy, and at that level you probably should have better spatial awareness and I spoke about that with his team and they took that onboard.

“But you have got to remember, he is still really a first-year apprentice. He has only just finished his first full season, he has got speed to burn, but it’s all these little things that all the rookies that have come in, they do some silly little things.

“It’s the pressure, it’s the pressure of leading a race, and he had a mirror full of Broc Feeney having a look down the inside so he was trying to cover that off.

Moments after the contact was made. Pic: Fox Sports

“He really needed to think, ‘I got a bump-and-run from Cam, where has he gone? He’s somewhere in there, he didn’t just evaporate’.

“So my discussion with the stewards during the race was they have both got a little bit of blood on their hands, they have both DNF’d. I spoke to both drivers and I spoke to Stephen Grove (team owner of Payne’s Penrite Racing) about it, and we move on.”

Baird described the incident as a shame for Ford fans, and added he had no qualms with Waters’ conduct in the aftermath, with that display of passion welcomed.

Listen to the full episode in the embed above.

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