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THE #118 is set to be rolled out for the first time in ATCC/Supercars Championship history when the 2022 Repco Bathurst 1000 arrives.

Wildcard entrant Matt Chahda Motorsport has nominated the three-digit figure as its preference for the October 6-9 event.

MCM usually runs #18 at Dunlop Super2 Series level but had to think outside the square for its top tier debut given that number is already occupied by Team 18’s Irwin Racing Holden in which Mark Winterbottom and Michael Caruso will team up at Mount Panorama.

MCM will get its first laps today in the third Walkinshaw Andretti United ZB Commodore it will field in the Great Race, with Matt Chahda and Jaylyn Robotham in line to take it for a spin at a ride day at Sandown today.

“We know it’s a good car,” Chahda told V8 Sleuth.

“It’s a Walkinshaw car; (their package) was dominant last year (at Bathurst) and everyone is confident around the team and the boys prepping the car.

“It’s not a third car, it’s not a car dragged out of the back shed, it’s prepped just as well as their main cars so it’s the best possible car we could have been in.”

The car which Matt Chahda Motorsport will use, during a ride day today at Sandown

Brian Cottee has been confirmed as race engineer for the program and Wally Storey as team manager.

There will be a family presence too, with Chahda’s father Amin the team owner and brother “JC” a mechanic.

“That’s something special about when we get good (Super2) results, when I jump out of the car it’s not like some of these kids that have basically been shipped off to boarding school and go have a career, whereas I’m hopping out of the car to my family,” said Matt, 28.

“They’re the ones wearing the headsets, they’re the ones doing everything.

“It makes it a lot more special, so to know we’re going to Bathurst the same way, it’s a big deal for us for sure.”

Matt Chahda yesterday in Super2. Pic: Nathan Wong

He admitted race day on October 9 is now an everyday thought.

“It’s going to be massive. A massive couple of months coming up,” Chahda added.

“We have got a team coming together, so yeah, I think we should be able to do a good job of it.”

Chahda and Robotham are sixth and eighth respectively in the 2022 Super2 standings with the former having jagged two podiums and the latter a race win.

The car MCM will use is WR 018, which was most recently raced at Hidden Valley in June by WAU wildcard Jayden Ojeda.

WR 018 has four full Supercars seasons under its belt: three as VF for Tony D’Alberto (2013), Nick Percat (2014) and Lee Holdsworth (2015), and one as a ZB for James Courtney (2018).

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