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Blanchard calls for fairer teams’ championship system

TIM Blanchard believes a simple tweak can give his single-car squad a fairer shot when it comes to the Supercars teams’ championship.

Talk of a possible move to a live pitlane order in 2024 emerged last month, although some feel such a concept would detract from the importance of the teams’ championship.

As it stands, the previous season’s teams’ championship rankings set the pitlane order for an entire year, with top prize being the advantageous garages nearest to pit exit.

Either way, Blanchard is calling for a system whereby a single-car team’s points are multiplied to the tune of 1.8 times to give them a chance at moving away from pit entry.

“I think the way the teams’ championship and the way the pitlane is structured needs to be reviewed a little bit,” he told V8 Sleuth.

“Each team has a different structure, some are four-car teams and we’re obviously a one-car team, and there’s plusses and minuses against whichever structure you go with.

“For us, one of the big detractions of being a one-car team is we’re stuck at this end of pitlane, which there’s all sorts of performance issues with that: changing track conditions and you’re last car out, you get less laps in qualifying at shorter circuits.

“We experienced that a couple of times last year where people did their fastest time on their third lap and we only get two laps in because we’re the last car to leave pitlane.

“Then there’s obviously issues with Safety Cars and such in the race where you’re at a big disadvantage.

“We need to have a look at how it makes it fair.

“I know the argument is, ‘well go to two cars’ but that’s obviously something we have been working on trying to achieve but we’re hamstrung on that.

“So in the meantime I think there needs to be a way to make sure that we’re not disadvantaged.”

The #3 CoolDrive Mustang at Symmons Plains. Pic: Ross Gibb

Why 1.8 times?

“Realistically, every team there’s a difference between the first car versus the second car in the points so I think the 1.8 is looking at what the difference between the first and second car is on average in terms of points,” Blanchard added.

“It’s probably a little bit complicated but it’s also probably the fairest way I can think of that makes it work.”

Had that been applied to the 2022 standings, the Blanchard Racing Team would be ahead of Brad Jones Racing, Matt Stone Racing and PremiAir Racing in the current pitlane order.

Heading into this weekend’s Tasmania SuperSprint, BRT recruit Todd Hazelwood is 11th in the drivers’ championship.

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