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Boost buys Triple Eight Camaro for 2023 Supercars entry

BOOST Mobile boss Peter Adderton has stepped up his campaign to gain a full-time entry to the Repco Supercars Championship for 2023.

Adderton has struck a deal with Triple Eight to purchase a new Gen3 specification Chevrolet Camaro ahead of next season.

The telco boss is pushing Supercars to release its currently dormant 26th Teams Racing Charter to field driver Richie Stanaway.

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Adderton submitted his plan to Supercars following the Bathurst 1000, where Stanaway starred in a Boost-backed wildcard run by Erebus Motorsport.

As Supercars weighs up the proposal, Adderton is pressing ahead with plans to put a car on the grid and says he’ll have a Triple Eight Camaro by February.

The Gen3 Camaro prototype during dry running at Sandown. Pic: Supplied

“We’ve actually bought a car. My attitude is we’ve obviously bought it off one of the best teams in the paddock,” Adderton told V8 Sleuth.

“We still haven’t heard back from Supercars yet, but I’m an eternal optimist. We’ve basically got the car now, I’ve got the driver, now it’s a matter for them to let us race.

“If they don’t, I’ll stand at the gate at Newcastle and say, ‘let us race’. I’ll get the fans to get behind us and support us. There’s no reason we shouldn’t race.”

Triple Eight is currently busy building a fleet of Gen3 Camaros, to be campaigned by its own Red Bull Ampol Racing outfit and customers Team 18 and PremiAir Racing.

Although not wishing to weigh in on Boost’s entry bid, Triple Eight team principal Jamie Whincup confirmed that a deal with Adderton has been struck.

RACE’s Barclay Nettlefold with Peter Adderton at Bathurst. Pic: Nathan Wong

“We’ve sold them a car,” Whincup told V8 Sleuth.

“We’re Triple Eight Race Engineering, we sell cars and componentry. Pete rang me up and said he wants a car, so we’ve sold him one.

“We’ve got the capacity to complete a car for him before the season starts next year.”

While Adderton has declared his intention to set up his own team, Triple Eight typically offers customer support to those buying its machinery.

Adderton meanwhile doubled down on his criticism of current Supercars squads fielding what he calls “rental cars” – filling their entries with pay drivers.

“They’ve got a bunch of squatters down the back there with their Charters,” he said.

“They need to step up and if they don’t step up, guys like us should be allowed to get in there.

“I understand that the whole concept of the Charter is to protect the teams, but you can’t protect yourself and then ruin the sport.

“If a guy like me can’t come in and get into the sport, it makes no sense, the Charter is basically broken.

“I think there are changes that need to be made to the Charter to allow people to come in. You don’t just get an equal right.

“I was speaking to someone the other day, they said it’s like ‘we’ve got a block of land Peter and we’ve all got waterfront property’.

“I said, ‘that’s fine, but if you’ve got three mansions and someone is in a caravan with grass growing around it, your property goes down in value’.

“That’s what’s happening today. They need to step up. We’re ready to go. Our commitment is we’ve bought a car, now we need to get going.

“It’s in Supercars hands now. We have a car.”

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