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Chahda samples Triple Eight Gen3 Camaro

MATT Chahda has hopped behind the wheel of the Gen3 Supercar that is increasingly likely to power his 2024 enduro wildcard campaign.

Having been approved to race in the Sandown 500 and Bathurst 1000 with a to-be-announced co-driver, Chahda is investigating the opportunity to purchase the Camaro which Triple Eight fielded Broc Feeney in last year.

That very car appeared at Queensland Raceway today, re-stickered to be sporting the #87 and surname of championship leader Will Brown.

While the car’s presence at QR largely centred around testing on the category’s behalf, including relating to engine mapping, there was a dedicated window for Chahda to trial 888A-057.

“It feels pretty cool to jump into a car that says Red Bull on it,” Chahda told V8 Sleuth.

“I’m not trying to set any lap records, I’m just driving around really.”

Chahda bounced between chatting with the likes of Brown, Feeney and title-winning engineer Andrew Edwards – and indicated that an ongoing alliance is on the cards.

It all shapes to position him for a bigger and better campaign than his 2022 Great Race debut, when he and Jaylyn Robotham steered a Matt Chahda Motorsport Commodore to an 18th place finish.

“Last time it was all very much unknown, like we have got a lot better an idea of what to do,” said Chahda.

“We were well set-up last time so it’s only going to be better this time really, which is something I’m super excited for.

Matt Chahda. Pic: Nathan Wong

“I want a dry race. Bathurst last time the whole weekend was wet; you learn but you’re only doing so much to not destroy the car as well. So to have a dry Bathurst would be something I would really look forward to.”

The 30-year-old also admitted he’s now less likely to be on double duties at Sandown and Bathurst, after an engine failure in Perth compounded what had already been a tough start to his Super2 season.

“The year for Super2 has started terribly. I have achieved nothing so far in Super2,” he said, bluntly.

“I will do Townsville still, because you have got to keep racing, but it’s likely that Sandown and Bathurst we probably won’t be doing Super2.”

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