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Davison planning to drive on in 2025

THE thought of retiring as a Supercars full-timer has not even crossed Will Davison’s mind.

The two-time Bathurst 1000 winner will turn 42 in August but continues to be super-competitive with podiums in each of the past six seasons (2019-24 inclusive).

He was fourth in the most recent Perth race and has been evenly matched with teammate Anton De Pasquale across their three-plus seasons together at Dick Johnson Racing.

But being the other side of 40 and coming off-contract at a time when DJR is thought to be a potential player for the 2025 services of Brodie Kostecki and Kai Allen, there is a natural question as to how Davison sees his future.

His answer left no doubt.

“I just want to make sure I’m competitive and still want to be here, and I still do,” the #17 Shell V-Power Mustang driver told V8 Sleuth.

“I still get as nervous, as frustrated, and as hungry to do well, and I honestly feel like I’m still driving as well as ever.

Will Davison in action at Wanneroo Raceway. Pic: Ross Gibb

“I’m definitely not even thinking about stopping at this stage.

“I love it and I live for it, so I’m definitely just focused on improving all the time.

“I don’t think too far ahead these days. Performance is everything but I feel good and certainly I’m not thinking about stopping.

“My aim is to continue.”

Davison was gutted to lose a stack of points when an electrical issue affected his Saturday race in Perth, but voiced pride at how DJR took a step forward to be genuinely closer to the pointy end the following day.

“In this sport, it’s hard to find magic overnight when you’re struggling, but when you can be methodical and make changes through educated decisions, it’s good when they’re good ones,” he explained.

Seeing Ford chalk up a pair of victories in the west, courtesy of Walkinshaw Andretti United’s Chaz Mostert and Tickford Racing’s Cam Waters, was to Davison’s delight too.

“It’s good, we have clear goals now. We can see people in the Ford product doing a better job than us but I also know how much our team as the homologation team has had to put into this project to see that result come to fruition,” he said.

Pic: Supplied/Mark Horsburgh

“The workload has been immense, it has been stressful on our race team, it has definitely taken away from the work that we do on ourselves as a team.

“I’m very proud of our engine shop, our team, to have gotten the product so much better and it’s awesome for Ford.

“It really is cool to see because I love Ford’s commitment, I love their passion to the sport. It had been really trying for them the last year.

“You personally have interaction with Mark Rushbrook, Jim Farley; they call it a family, you feel a part of the Ford family.

“You can’t not love the brand and what they stand for and you can’t not be happy for them that they’re on top and that they’ve had some great results after being kicked in the teeth a bit.

“Now it’s our job to make sure we step it up and are up there challenging with WAU and Tickford who did a great job. There’s some great depth in the Ford teams and we always knew that when things were going to be even that we were going to see a lot of Fords up the front.”

De Pasquale, like Davison, is off-contract at season’s end.

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