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Eggleston had readied Super2 team orders

EGGLESTON Motorsport had been set to deploy team orders if needed to help Kai Allen win the 2023 Super2 title.

Team orders are commonplace in top-tier motorsport but less so in feeder categories, where different dynamics are often in play.

The Egglestons though had crossed that bridge at last weekend’s decider in Adelaide, in an unusual situation where it had four cars up against the single-car Anderson Motorsport, which fielded fellow contender Zak Best.

“I felt like I was getting ganged up on by all of the Eggleston guys,” Best admitted after the Saturday race.

Allen ultimately clinched the crown the following day, by just six points.

The equation had been relatively straightforward come Sunday: if Best won the final race of the season, Allen needed to be fourth or better to hang onto the title.

If Best finished second, fifth was the minimum requirement for Allen – and it was these exact results that played out.

Kai Allen. Pic: Eggleston Motorsport

Ahead of Allen on the road at the end of Race 2 was teammate Cooper Murray, who confirmed afterwards he was ready and willing to cede position.

“We spoke about it before the race; if Kai needed that position to get the championship and I was in front of him, we were willing to swap,” said Murray.

“It’s a team sport and at the end of the day, that wasn’t necessary.”

Allen added: “The team’s great, having Cooper and Cam (Crick) behind me all race, it was really easy for me just to find a rhythm and play it safe.

“Cricky was really good, at the start he got past (Jay) Hanson and then just sat behind me, and then at the end all I had to do was finish fifth to get the championship and I knew Cooper had some speed, so I could see him coming and just made it easy for him.

“Massive thanks to my teammates and my whole team, they played it really well and like Cooper said, it’s a team sport, so if I was in Cooper’s or Cam’s shoes I’d probably do the same. So thanks to the boys.”

Allen, Murray and Jordyn Sinni are all set to line up for Eggleston again next year, while Crick likely will move on.

The season triumph makes 18-year-old Allen the youngest Super2 champion in history, and comes a year after he threw away the Super3 title by crashing out at Adelaide’s notorious Turn 8.

“It’s sweeter than ever,” Allen said of the redemption factor.

“Last year I felt really bad for the team, they put so much effort into it; to get this one for them is special. I’m really glad to bring it home.”

Making Allen’s feat all the more impressive is that he had slipped to seventh in the standings after Perth (Round 2 of 6).

His success completed a Mount Gambier sweep of the Dunlop Series titles, Super3 champion Jobe Stewart (Image Racing) also hailing from the South Australian town.

Jobe Stewart and Kai Allen. Pic: Supplied/Mark Horsburgh

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