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EREBUS Motorsport has all but completed the build of its first Gen3 chassis.

The bones of what will become a 2023 Erebus Chevrolet Camaro have been assembled by the team’s Mount Gambier-based fabricator Jimmy White in recent weeks.

The Erebus/White alliance is one of four firms building Gen3 chassis along with Walkinshaw Andretti United, Triple Eight and Paul Ceprnich’s PACE Innovations.

PACE’s first complete chassis (albeit without a front clip) was handed over to Brad Jones Racing at Sandown last weekend.

“It’s good to be one of the first to have a chassis done,” Erebus CEO Barry Ryan told V8 Sleuth.

“Jimmy didn’t really start building it until straight after Tailem Bend, so he has done a good job to get that all done in three weeks.

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“There’s still a long way to go but it’s a big step to get the chassis done and the rest of it is collecting all of the bits that need to bolt into it.”

Supercars is yet to confirm formal approval of the revised front-end that ran in the Chevrolet prototype last weekend, one of various hold-ups to now getting a complete car built up.

“I think the wiring loom is not going to be far away, then we obviously have got to get the brake lines and plumbing and all of that,” added Ryan.

“Hopefully that starts taking shape pretty quickly in the next month or so and then we’ll just aim to have that car assembled as quick as we can.

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“But we have got a lot of parts on order. Some parts have arrived but there’s still a lot of parts that Supercars haven’t released yet, so once all those parts are released, we can work out manufacturing of some of the bits that we haven’t worked out yet and obviously some of it are just straight-out purchases.

“We have just got to put orders in with the right people because a lot of it is control parts and hopefully it all works out and we have a car ready as soon as we can.”

Ryan expects it will be quite some time before receiving the second chassis kit for White to start working on, with timeframes already tightening ahead of the likely March 10-12 season-opener at Newcastle.

“They’re saying that they want to make sure that everybody has got one chassis before anybody gets a second chassis so I’m imagining probably another 10 or 12 weeks,” he explained.

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“They have said PACE can only do one a week and they want to get 14 new chassis done; well my maths says that’s 14 weeks.

“They’re only onto the second chassis now so another 12 weeks I’d say before we get our second chassis bits, which is going to make it pretty difficult.

“That’s three months so end of November, then we can probably get the chassis built in three weeks so that’s Christmas, so the timeline is pretty long.

“I don’t see how anybody is going to test the car this year because there’s going to be no way that everybody is going to have one chassis complete by Christmas, it’s just the simple maths of it.”

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