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Erebus wary of ‘unfair’ early Gen3 testing

EREBUS Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan has declared teams that make the scheduled Gen3 shakedowns will either be running incomplete cars or gaining an unfair advantage.

Ryan has been arguably the most open member of the paddock with regards to Gen3 progress, recently penning an open letter on the matter.

He has now offered another update, including the long-awaited arrival of key parts.

Nevertheless, he says the scheduled February 1 shakedown for southern-based teams at Winton Motor Raceway remains out of reach.

Dick Johnson Racing and now Triple Eight Race Engineering have withdrawn from running on January 30 at Queensland Raceway.

Ryan believes any team that does make the first shakedown will either do so with an incomplete car or have received an unfair advantage.

“As discussed recently, the planned 1st of February test is not possible to actually have a complete car with all the correct Gen3 approved parts,” Ryan said.

“Teams that make that date will be testing with cars that are not complete or Gen3 approved. If they do test with complete cars it will be unfair.

“As it stands we cannot have parts here and properly fitted to cars in time. Even if all remaining parts left from all suppliers today, add freight, assembly and set up time and it’s past the 1st of February test date.

“We will move the target until complete cars are 100 percent ready. The eighth of February is the next target and then the rock solid no choice date is the 13th.

“Remembering we want to look after our commercial partners and fans and give them the car unveil and recognition they all deserve.

“One thing I do promise is that Coca-Cola Racing by Erebus will be 100 percent ready with brand new shiny (PPG painted and Metamark wrapped) cars the moment they hit the track, not just “shake down” half-ready cars.”

Ryan’s comments appear to be directed towards the Blanchard Racing Team.

BRT’s parent company CoolDrive is supplying a large number of parts, and the single-car team appears to be the most ready to hit the track next week with its Gen3 Mustang.

Ryan last week wrote, “We could send out a picture of a car on wheels and pretend we are nearly ready but that would be misleading and simply waste critical time that can be spent making things better” – seemingly in relation to the surprisingly advanced CoolDrive Mustang photos released on January 5.

With regards to latest progress on the Erebus Chevrolet Camaros, Ryan added: “We finally received some more critical parts this week.

“Our first engine turned up yesterday, thanks to Ken McNamara and his team at KRE for their efforts here for the category.

“Now to the job of engine fit and alignment, plumbing oil lines, water lines, wiring, power steering system, exhaust fitment.

“It would be nice to think we could turn the key and start her up soon, though we are still waiting on an ECU and the fuel specification and supplier.

“We also received a dashboard, radiator intake, boot in-fill panels and the front crash bar.

“We are still needing some critical items to finish the car that we hope are not too many days away.”

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