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FEATURE: The Cameron Hill story

CAMERON Hill’s earliest motorsport memories date back to visiting Oran Park as a toddler.

There, a sports sedan built by his father Colin was racing.

It was that very car which lived directly under Cameron’s childhood bedroom at their Canberra home.

“I distinctly just remember the smell of gas and going to the racetrack and watching the sports sedans,” the now 25-year-old tells V8 Sleuth.

“I think that was at the time that sports sedans were supporting Supercars and they had massive grids, like 35 cars, so I do remember that.”

Colin had raced motocross as a youngster but his extensive list of injuries meant his son was always destined for four wheels instead of two.

Cameron’s first go-kart was acquired when he was seven years old, although a period of illness for his father meant he didn’t actually hit the track competitively until age nine.

From there, he worked his way up, winning the Australian Formula Ford title in 2015, consistently running at the front in Toyota 86s, and crowned Porsche Carrera Cup Australia champion last year.

His ascension hasn’t exactly slowed as he’s neared the pointy end, only needing a single season in Super2 to secure himself a Repco Supercars Championship graduation, with Matt Stone Racing in 2023.

Hill holds fourth in the second-tier standings entering next month’s Adelaide finale; he’s yet to win a race but has outqualified title-leading Triple Eight teammate Declan Fraser more often than not.

Hill and Declan Fraser. Pic: Triple Eight Race Engineering

“I’m happy with my speed, definitely. I feel like the speed has been there all year,” said the driver who was born in Sydney but moved to the nation’s capital before his first birthday.

“From a championship perspective I don’t feel like the standings reflect where I’m at but I guess what I am happy with is I look at who I’m racing and I have the least amount of Supercar experience out of all of them.

EXPLAINED: Why Hill got the nod at MSR

“Even Matt Payne, he started end of last year and so I sort of feel like I’ve come in with no experience and I’m not out of place.

“I’m sort of right where I need to be and I know full well that there’s plenty more to come.”

Next year is perhaps the perfect opportunity to make the step up, given the field will be filled with brand-new Gen3 cars.

MSR has never before run a new Supercar, and the Yatala organisation has eagerly been putting just about all its eggs into the Gen3 basket.

Hill and team owner Matt Stone both see an opportunity to grow together for driver and team alike.

“I sort of circled Gen3 as a big opportunity for myself because it would mean I’m coming in and everyone is starting fresh, everyone is starting from the same spot,” said Hill.

“And no doubt the guys who have been racing Supercars for a long time, of course they are going to get a grip on this very quickly and be the guys to beat.

“But at least maybe some of the really small nuances or specifics of driving those Gen2 cars, they might still be there but they might not.

“And if it’s not, then that’s a great thing for me because it means everyone has got to figure it out and I have the same opportunity to figure it out.”

Hill sits in one of MSR’s in-build Gen3 Camaros. Pic: Supplied

With a year’s worth of Triple Eight lessons under his belt, Hill is confident he can represent the Australian Capital Territory well on the big stage.

Hill will continue to live in Canberra for the time being, overseeing his CHE Racing team albeit in a reduced capacity as he focuses on life as a professional driver.

“It’s pretty cool to fly the flag a little bit for Canberra,” he said.

“We are the capital of the country but we’re actually not that big, we’re pretty small.

“I think the last (Canberra) guy to race in Supercars was Dale Brede.

“I’m actually good mates with Bredey and he has been a bit of a mentor to me over the last couple of years too, so that’s cool that there’s been that link as well, that he’s helping me take that next step.

“But there’s a few of us down Canberra way; you’ve got the Bates boys, obviously they’re kicking a lot of goals in gravel land, and I had a bit to do with them when I did the 86 Series, so there’s a few of us.

“I’ll do my best to get some results for Canberra.”

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