The Mustang and Camaro taking shape. Pic: Supercars

SUPERCARS has revealed the first proper look at the category’s Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang Gen3 prototypes.

The two category-owned prototype cars have been shown at the headquarters of their respective builders, Triple Eight and Dick Johnson Racing, in a Repco ‘Gen3 unpacked’ video on social media.

The Camaro being prepared at Triple Eight, fitted with one of the new control wheels. Pic: Supercars

While previously released images revealed only the basic control chassis, the two cars are shown in the process of being fitted with bodywork depicting the Camaro and Mustang.

The Camaro’s signature hip-line is clearly evident. Pic: Supercars

It’s the first ever glimpse of a Camaro Supercar; the car that will take over from the Holden Commodore as the General Motors representative on the grid.

Build of the Mustang appears significantly ahead of the Camaro. Both cars are depicted without aerodynamic packages. Pic: Supercars

The Gen3 Mustang meanwhile enjoys a significantly sleeker look than the Gen2 version, thanks to a lower control roll cage hoop intended to better accommodate the road going dimensions of the two-door vehicles.

The new Mustang has a much sleeker roofline than the current Gen3 car. Pic: Supercars

Both cars are set to be publicly unveiled at the Repco Bathurst 1000 on Friday, December 3, despite the introduction of the Gen3 rules having been postponed until 2023.

The Camaro is shown with engine, but no front bodywork. Pic: Supercars

The cars are fitted with new engines, as the category replaces its long-held bespoke motors in favour of road-based powerplants from Ford (5.4-litre) and GM (5.7-litre).

Check out the full Supercars video below, hosted by Mark Larkham