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Goddard apologetic over brutal Bathurst crash

ZANE Goddard apologised to Grove Racing and Brad Jones Racing following his ‘big mistake’ in the early stages of Sunday’s Repco Bathurst 1000, but doesn’t expect instant forgiveness.

The 22-year-old hoped a strong performance as a co-driver to James Courtney at Tickford Racing would help rejuvenate his career having missed out on a full-time drive in 2022.

However, his dream turned into a nightmare just five laps into the 161-lap contest when he attempted to overtake Boost Mobile wildcard Greg Murphy at The Chase.

Goddard ran wide and onto the sodden outfield before losing control and spearing back onto the track and directly into Dale Wood (driving Andre Heimgartner’s BJR Commodore).

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David Reynolds’ co-driver Matt Campbell was also left with nowhere to go but into the side of Goddard’s Mustang, in what the factory Porsche ace described as the biggest hit of his career.

Explaining the incident to V8 Sleuth, Goddard stressed he wasn’t trying to rejoin the circuit at high-speed.

“I tried passing Murph and pinched the brake,” he said.

“I sort of tried to the last moment to keep it on the track, hence I was going quite straight, to the point where I had to bail off the track.

“Once I was on the grass, every time I applied the brake I kept spinning more to the left, so I was trying to modulate it, but every time I hit it, it kept spinning more, so I kept trying to go straighter.

“It wasn’t until it I got closer to the tarmac that it started to rotate a fair bit and by that time, I just had way too much speed on, came flying on, took out two cars which was extremely unfortunate.

“(It was) a big mistake on my part. In hindsight I could have tried jumping on the brakes harder, but I don’t really know if it would have helped that much.

Goddard, Wood and Campbell crash out. Pic: Supercars

“I would have come back on the track slower, but I reckon I would have been facing backwards. Who knows?

“It’s hard in that situation, I thought I did the right thing, I had no intention of trying to get back on the track as fast as possible.

“My intention was just to come back on as straight and shallow as possible, so I didn’t come flying off the track, which ended up not being very successful anyway.”

After being cleared at the medical centre, Goddard was briefly seen in the shattered BJR garage, attempting to apologise.

“Obviously everyone was gutted,” said Goddard of his visit to the Grove and BJR garages.

“I wasn’t going in expecting them to forgive me on the spot or for it to be shown on television, I just genuinely felt shit.

“It’s a lot of people behind the scenes, it’s not just Matt and Dave and Dale and Andre, it’s the whole group within their teams, a lot of time, effort and money gets put in for a lot of individuals.

“For their day to only last 20 minutes or so is not really acceptable.

“I just wanted to apologise, didn’t expect acceptance or whatever, but they all seemed to take it quite well, they seemed to appreciate the apology.

“But once the cat’s out of the box you can’t really take back what happened. It’s just unfortunate.”

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