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Gone! Superlicence system to be abolished

MOTORSPORT Australia’s Superlicence will cease to exist beyond this year.

The unexpected development follows endless controversies regarding driver eligibility to race in Supercars.

For a long time, a Superlicence was essentially the sole hurdle for drivers to compete in the main game.

That changed last year when Motorsport Australia retained its points system but dropped the additional criteria regarding Super2 experience – only for Supercars to themselves make it a pre-requisite on top of a Superlicence.

There has continued to be debate about the system this year, particularly centring around two-time Gold Star winner Joey Mawson’s dream of racing in Supercars.

Earlier this month, Supercars tweaked its own rules to give half-credits for Super3 and Porsche Carrera Cup Australia, helping the likes of young gun Kai Allen suddenly become eligible.

Meanwhile, Motorsport Australia has this year become aligned with the Australian Racing Group to co-promote the SpeedSeries, which features non-Supercars categories such as S5000, Trans Am and TCR.

The decision to abolish the Superlicence, effective January 1 2024, follows a Motorsport Australia board meeting.

“The Board today considered and discussed a recommendation put forward by the Australian Motor Racing Commission (AMRC),” said Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca.

“Following those deliberations, the Board resolved to no longer require Supercars drivers to hold a Superlicence from the start of next year.

“This decision follows recent changes to the power-to-weight requirements and age limits imposed on those seeking to obtain a Circuit licence.

“Those requirements did not exist when the Superlicence was introduced, therefore the Board is comfortable that these restrictions effectively ensure that only qualified drivers of the right age will be able to apply for and receive an International Circuit Licence, in line with FIA requirements.

“The Superlicence was always a free endorsement for Australian drivers on their existing licence, so this will not require Supercars drivers to make any changes in 2024 and beyond as current drivers will already hold an International Circuit Licence and can simply renew as normal.

“New drivers can apply for an International Circuit Licence via the Motorsport Australia website or by contacting our membership team.”

Supercars most likely will retain its own form of criteria; it’s expected to make comment at some stage in response to the end of the Superlicence.

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