Holden Dealer Team Gemini an ideal acquisition for Heritage Touring Cars …

THE famous Holden Dealer Team is well celebrated for its achievements at Bathurst in a litany of Monaros, Toranas and Commodores of various models and eras over the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

It’s very, very rare for one of those cars to come up on the market, but this week something of an interesting piece of HDT Bathurst history popped up for sale.

The HDT-run Gemini driven by Phil Brock and Gary Scott at Sandown and Bathurst in 1981, which had a long racing life in the Group C era covering 1980 to 1984, has just been listed on the V8 Sleuth marketplace page.

Visit here a dedicated website created to tell the full story of the car’s racing history and restoration.

First raced at Bathurst in 1980 by Gary Leggatt and David Seldon, the car was originally a spare rolling shell intending for rallying and was acquired from George Shepheard.

Sold to the Holden Dealer Team in 1981 it finished 22nd at Sandown in the hands of Brock and Scott and ran at Bathurst in AC Delco colours.

It’s these 1981 Bathurst colours in which the car has been restored with only a few small decals to be added to complete the period-correct livery.

Later raced by privateer John White, when the Group C era ended the mechanicals from this car were transferred into a Group A spec car and the previous car driven as a road car for many years before being disposed of at a wreckers!

Thankfully this little Gemini gem was saved by Isuzu Car Club enthusiast Rick Ludgate and purchased with ex-White mechanic Paul Sabin able to help him identify its origins.

The current owner has now placed it up for sale with a CAMS Certificate of Description currently underway and some spares – including a twin cam Gemini engine – included.

Check out the advertisement for this piece of interesting HDT history here.

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