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New deal to help move Group A and C Historic category forward

THE Heritage Touring Car category, which runs Historic Group A and C Touring Cars across Australia, has joined the portfolio of V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noonan.

The well known TV commentator, journalist, historian and statistician has confirmed an arrangement with the ever-growing Heritage Touring Car category to supply media management services for 2014 and help expose the popular racing category to a wider audience.

The category has its own five-round series which began at the recent Phillip Island Classic and will continue at the Sydney Retro Speedfest at Sydney Motorsport Park in May.

It’s proven to be a rising part of the historic and heritage racing scene in Australia with over 100 log-booked cars registered around the country.

Group C regulations were in effect in Australia for touring car racing from 1973 to 1984 and Group A international regulations provided the basis of racing from 1985 to 1992.

Today, the Heritage Touring Cars – ‘The Legends of Bathurst’ compete under the CAMS 5th Category Historic Regulations for Group C and Group A respectively.

These regulations ensure that the Heritage Touring Cars racing on the track today are the bona fide original racing cars that competed in the era and are now back in their period correct livery and mechanical specification. Replicas are not permitted under the CAMS regulations.

The annual Championship is administered by the Group C Touring Car Association Limited, a not-for-profit limited company that represents the owners and fans of Heritage Touring Cars across Australia.

The Association was formed in 2000 by a small band of dedicated enthusiasts who were inspired to see these cars back on the track, entertaining crowds across the country once again.

Prior to the formation of the Association there were few opportunities for these once famous racing cars to compete, with many converted to Sports Sedan specifications, whilst others were simply stored at the back of sheds under tarpaulins, largely ignored and forgotten.

“The Heritage Touring Car category has done a great job of giving itself a solid base and now it’s time to tell people all about it,” says V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noonan.

“I grew up watching these cars on TV, it’s the era of racing from my childhood and to now be more heavily involved with their current-day owners is fantastic.

“The passion for the era and the cars that typified it is strong and the interest from enthusiasts and fans is ever-growing. I’ve seen it with my own eyes at various race meetings and stories and content on these cars and heritage period of racing are keenly consumed.”

For more information on Heritage Touring Cars: http://www.heritagetouringcars.com.au

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