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Jett Johnson to run tribute number in Perth

JETT Johnson will move away from his customary #117 in a tribute to his late uncle Elton.

Elton Holman died on April 29 and was laid to rest on May 11 – the day he was due to turn 50.

Holman had been an up-and-comer in Australian Supercross before an accident at a Coffs Harbour event left him quadriplegic at age 16.

Thereafter he defied the expectations of doctors time and again, and was an influential figure for Johnson – including purchasing his first motorbike.

The now 19-year-old will honour Holman on his Super2 Ford Mustang by switching to the #138 he’d carried throughout his Supercross days.

“Elton was an inspiration to me from as long as I can remember, he loved watching me race and would always talk to me about what I needed to do to improve off the track to be the best I could be. He never stopped being obsessed with health and fitness right up till his last days,” said Johnson.

Elton Holman in action on his #138 bike. Pic: Supplied

“Even though Elton was in a wheelchair, I never once heard him complain about his condition, instead it was always positive thoughts about how to do things or how to make things easier.

“You could always talk to Elton about anything, and he would give you the best advice.

“I would always have the best days with Elton, when I was about 10, Elton lived in Surfers Paradise, and I would go in quite often and spend the day with him. I’d take my skateboard and Elton would tow me around Surfers Paradise with his electric wheelchair. We’d always get free food and drinks because everyone just loved him, and his infectious personality and they though it was cute that he was towing me around.

“Elton would always put life into perspective if any of us thought we were having a bad day. He would quickly point out ‘what have you got to be sad about’ with a smirk on his face.

“He has made me look at life so much differently. The glass was always half full for him, not half empty.

“I feel I’m a much more grounded, understanding and better person from having Elton in my life for the last 19 years.”

Elton Holman (middle) with the Johnson family including a young Jett (second from right). Pic: Supplied
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