Brad Jones Racing's Kim Jones (Right, with son Andrew) is the latest guest on the Motorfocus Model Podcast.

THE latest episode of the Motorfocus Model Podcast welcomed Brad Jones Racing’s Kim Jones on as its guest.

Along with chatting about his very impressive model collection – which includes a couple of 1:8 scale Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher Formula 1 cars – Jones also told a few stories from his long career in motorsport so far.

In particular, he shed a bit of light on those mid-race interviews where he’d cite a spicy opinion from his ‘mate out the back’.

“V8 Supercars were saying that you weren’t allowed to personally attack or slander anybody or say anything if you were part of a team – if you were under their control, you weren’t allowed to,” he told the Motorfocus Model Podcast.

“I came up with a little ploy that I had a mate out the back and he told me, so it wasn’t actually my point of view, it was somebody else’s!

“That’s what it was all about, it was just to circumnavigate the rules but still be able to say how you felt.”

There was one time, Jones recalls, where his ‘mate out the back’ inadvertently got a face to put to the name – and a very famous face, at that!

“It was quite funny, I remember at Ipswich one day I was going through that scenario: I looked and said ‘My mate out the back’ and I turned around and KB, Kevin Bartlett, was leaning over the fence waving at me – so I said ‘there’s my mate!’” he said.

Jones also touches on his highlights from his years in Supercars, buying the first NASCAR that US powerhouse Hendrick Motorsports ever sold to a customer and the late-night phone call for tech support to Ray Evernham, his grandkids’ successful four-wheel endeavours, and how Audi comes to BJR for parts for their A4 Super Tourers.

The episode also looks at which Brad Jones Racing models are the most valuable on the Secondhand Market – and they’re two that you might not expect – as well as covering new arrivals and announcements from Biante Model Cars, Apex Replicas and Authentic Collectables, and more.

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