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MSR to postpone second Camaro shakedown

MATT Stone Racing will hold off shaking down its second Gen3 Camaro Supercar until early next week.

The Yatala squad made an impressive Chevrolet debut yesterday, reporting 80 laps around Queensland Raceway with its MSR03 chassis.

Team owner Matt Stone did flag on Tuesday that its second build was being affected by parts delays and he has now all but confirmed its scheduled shakedown of MSR04 will not proceed tomorrow.

That car instead is set to run at QR next Tuesday (February 14).

“We’re currently reassessing our testing plan, whether it’s worth pulling one car apart to test the other one or whether we revise and readjust our plan, and we’re leaning towards the readjusting side of it,” Stone told V8 Sleuth.

“We’re 90 percent there on actually making the decision.”

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From there, the team will partake in the Sydney Motorsport Park all-in on February 22, after which it may complete the last of its allocated pre-season tests.

Team 18 has already confirmed it will test in the gap between SMP and the Thrifty Newcastle 500, heading back to Winton Motor Raceway on March 1.

“There’s plenty of time to move the dates around, we just don’t want to rush it now that we’ve got out there and we’ve got proof of concept for us internally, that the car runs and operates and does what it should,” said Stone.

“There were a couple of things that weren’t perfect so there’s no point to then pull that car apart and build the other car to go out tomorrow.

Pic: Supplied

“It sort of makes more sense for us to just make sure the second car is fully perfect and have all the little bits and pieces done for next week.”

Of its initial success, having become the first team to shakedown a Camaro race car, Stone was upbeat.

“The car ran really well,” he said.

“It was good to have our drivers and engineers hear it straight from the horse’s mouth essentially, unfiltered. We were happy with what we had.

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“It’s a different beast but it’s still a Supercar at heart and we have just got to get our head around it but straight out of the gate it ran reliably, ran well, did as we hoped it would, so it’s a good start.

“At the end of the day, while it has design differences and conceptual differences to the old car, it’s still very much a Supercar, and we built the thing.

“It’s just finding out the bits and pieces with the difference between the prototypes and the production and whether there’s any issues.

“There’s always teething problems but nothing fundamental that was going to make us lose a day, so that was good.”

There will still be multiple Supercars in action tomorrow at QR, with Triple Eight (two cars) and PremiAir Racing (one car) conducting their first shakedowns.

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