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OPINION: The Gen3 win Supercars badly needed

BEAR with me for a moment as I somewhat take off my journalist hat and slip into fan mode… what went on yesterday at Winton Motor Raceway was simply very, very cool.

There’s been so much angst about Gen3 that it has sometimes been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s been politics, hiccups, cost blowouts, endless delays and never-ending drama.

At times it has been nothing short of a bad look for Supercars and I can’t have been the only one getting increasingly nervous, as a fan, about what the latest setbacks had meant for the fast-approaching Newcastle season-opener.

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But yesterday, the tide dramatically swung in a positive direction as the likeable, little Blanchard Racing Team rolled out its brand-spanking new Ford Mustang in Supercars heartland in a David versus Goliath moment (beating bigger teams to doing so).

The emotions were evident when the CoolDrive car ventured out of pitlane, and just as much when it returned from a trouble-free installation lap – not to mention a 30-lap stint later on.

That went for not only BRT’s personnel, but Supercars’ too.

The Gen3 CoolDrive Mustang at Winton Motor Raceway. Pic: Supplied

We’ve known for a while that these cars will look and sound great, at least if the two prototypes are anything to go by.

But only now does the much-hyped prospect of a full Gen3 field genuinely feel real.

The fact that the new generation of cars are largely comprised of control parts should inspire confidence among other teams that they too can quickly start racking up mileage once their machines are fully assembled.

And there should be more cause for fan excitement in the coming days and weeks, as various liveries are unveiled while more and more cars and teams hit the track.

Supercars is not totally out of the woods just yet, with the parity war seemingly simmering and plenty more general ups and downs to come as is the norm with a new car. The jury is also still out on whether Gen3 really will produce closer racing (as reduced downforce should) and truly mix up the pecking order.

But for now, BRT’s success has very much been the championship’s simultaneous gain.

Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess (middle) with Jamie Whincup and James Courtney. Pic: Supplied

“It’s been a long time coming,” Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess told V8 Sleuth yesterday afternoon.

“It’s great to finally see one on track and I think the next couple of weeks will be exciting for everyone because there will be a steady flow of new cars being unveiled and hitting the circuit.

“Look, the whole program has been tough as everyone knows and everyone wants to write about but the important thing is the cars look great and hopefully they provide us with good racing.

“It’s an exciting day for the Blanchard family and the team and for Supercars as a whole.”

Similarly exciting days are coming next week, with at least the four Queensland teams to conduct their maiden shakedowns.

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