A question from a listener of the Motorfocus Model Podcast centred around Peter Brock's Daytona Coupe. Pic: an1images.com

THE latest edition of the Motorfocus Model Podcast saw an interesting question posed one of our listeners.

Shannon Davidson asked: Why hasn’t Peter Brock’s Daytona Coupe been made in a model as of yet?

The discussion that followed between hosts Aaron Noonan and Dimitri Comino centred around one key question.

Should a model version of this car even be made?

The Daytona Coupe is an Australian designed and built replica of the iconic Shelby Daytona Coupe of the 1960s, weighing in a just 1,100 kilograms, utilising Holden Commodore SS components and powered by Chevrolet’s LS1 Gen III V8 engine.

Infamously, Brock was driving one when he was tragically killed in a crash on the Targa West tarmac rally in 2006; he’d campaigned the same car earlier that year in Targa Tasmania.

The real Daytona was rebuilt following the accident and was retained by Peter Champion, even after the sale of the remainder of his collection of Brock race cars.

Both podcast hosts could see arguments both for and against the production of any scale model of Brock’s car.

Listen to the discussion in the player below.

However, we are interested to know what our listeners think: should the car be produced, or not?

Have your say in the poll below.

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Should a model be made of Peter Brock's Daytona Coupe?
Should a model be made of Peter Brock's Daytona Coupe?
Should a model be made of Peter Brock's Daytona Coupe?
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