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Queensland Raceway adding circuit crossover

WORK has today begun at Queensland Raceway to add a crossover aimed at improving the racing experience for club-level cars and motorbikes at the circuit.

The Ipswich venue has undergone an impressive facelift since being acquired by Tony Quinn late last year, with a wide range of facilities upgraded.

As for the track itself, there has been speculation around what might be in store for ‘The Paperclip’.

Quinn ruled out extending the 3.1km circuit but confirmed another project is already underway.

The location of the new link road. Pic: Supplied

“I think to extend the circuit is engineeringly impossible because we’re kind of landlocked,” he explained to V8 Sleuth.

“When they designed QR in the beginning of time, they were given a certain amount of land and they utilised as much land as they could to build as long a track as they could, so there’s no way we could extend it as such without spending $20 million to cross the Ebenezer Creek.

“That won’t be happening any time soon.

“What we have done is we have just added in another crossover which will create a tight section, if you like, for particularly the slower cars like club cars and stuff like that, that find the two back straights a bit pointless.

“It’s to try to give those guys a better experience and also the motorbikes.

“The intention is to create a little bit of elevation up the way, because all the other crossovers we have got tend to go down the way.”

The link road allows for a 10-turn layout. Pic: Supplied and digitally altered by V8 Sleuth

The new ‘crossover’ is a link road that will connect the two infield straights. It will be used in conjunction with the two other link roads already in place at the venue.

Elaborating on the crossover, Quinn said: “If you imagine you come around Turn 5, then you go down a bit and then you cut across to the left, you go across the track and meet up with the other track coming out of Turn 3.

“To tell you the truth, the work has started already. It started this morning at half-past six.

“It should be completed shortly after Christmas, I would imagine… for sure by the start of February it will be all ready for action.”

Quinn said no changes are currently in the works for the full circuit.

The work will be completed in the new year. Pic: Supplied

Having missed out on a 2023 Repco Supercars Championship calendar berth, Quinn was open to hosting the country’s premier category further down the track – but not desperate.

“They go for the government money and if you look at Queensland, we have already got Townsville and Indy (Gold Coast) sucking up the state money,” he said.

“In the coming years, we have got our own deal with the Australian Superbike guys, which we enjoyed their product this year, so we’re expanding that next year.

“We’ve also got things going on with Shannons and historic clubs and stuff like that. We’re business as usual.

“We’re there for the Supercars if they feel the need.”

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