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SUPERCARS has officially given the green light to the revised Gen3 front-end that was tested at Sandown.

The first chassis delivered by PACE to Brad Jones Racing and the build unveiled last week by Erebus Motorsport both appeared without the front clip due to it not being finalised.

As of two days ago, that piece of the puzzle has now been locked in, allowing for more progress to be made.

“We wanted to run it at Sandown to make sure we had no problems there, and then we took it back to Queensland and we wanted to crack check it and inspect it and make sure there’s no stress, which there wasn’t,” Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess told V8 Sleuth.

“So that got released to the teams for production on Monday.

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“There’s still a few drawings that we’re finalising but essentially we’ve got it signed off and that got communicated.

“It did exactly what we wanted, front clip was fine, no stress with that, so they’re released and in production now.”

Burgess said as many as four front-ends could be assembled per week, meaning minimal catch-up will be required.

The new Ford Mustang prototype is testing today at Queensland Raceway, albeit still with the old front-end componentry, the new version having only been run in the Chevrolet Camaro at Sandown.

James Courtney is behind the wheel for what might be the Mustang’s last track outing in its current body type, with a conversion to the S650 fascia on the horizon.

“The other one (the Camaro), we have taken the engine back – we need the engine back on our dyno,” Burgess explained.

“So this (test with the Mustang at Queensland Raceway) was a last minute thing.

“We wanted to try something we learnt at Sandown, we just wanted a little bit more throttle response/mapping work (on the Ford).

“We’re comfortable where we’re at with the other one but we just needed to do something else with this one.”

A damp track this morning was considered no hurdle to that end.

“We can still learn in the wet. We ran in the wet last week at Sandown. Throttle response in the wet clearly is important as well so there’s a few things we’ll try this morning,” Burgess added.

The Mustang did have a small hiccup earlier today, stopping on track.

Among others circulating at Queensland Raceway are the Triple Eight/Supercheap Auto Bathurst wildcard and the new MARC GT prototype.

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