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Rivals come to Morse’s aid after parts theft

ZANE Morse and Mason Kelly will make hard-fought returns to the track today after difficult starts to their respective Super2 campaigns.

Kelly crashed right at the end of his first practice session as a Super2 driver yesterday, leading father Todd to offer an initial prognosis that “the thing is toast”.

However, the #22 crew including Todd and Mason Kelly, worked tirelessly to turn the car around, with the final rebuild not completed until 3:30am.

“It was a fairly decent job to get the car back and straight,” said Kelly Jr.

“Everyone has put in a massive amount of hours last night, all the guys pushed really hard and I’m very lucky to have the car back.

Mason Kelly’s Mustang being returned to the Super2 paddock yesterday. Pic: an1images.com

“Everything should be good going into qualifying this morning. I’ll just build up to it slowly as we’re on the back foot slightly, but we’re back on-track.

“We were back at the house probably by about 9pm because as a driver you don’t want to be fried for the next morning. All the guys had to work super late and get up early again to get back here today, so they’re probably a bit tired today.

“Everyone’s done a really great job.”

Morse also struck trouble in Practice 1 and efforts to repair his pink #11 Mustang were compromised by the theft of two rear uprights from the AIM Motorsport garage.

With some help from rival teams, AIM has managed to source the necessary components to get Morse back on track – even if the car is not 100 percent.

Zane Morse. Pic: Nathan Wong

“Zero luck with the uprights; even this morning I went up over the back in the creek looking, hoping they dumped them overnight and then through the pits again this morning – and nothing,” team co-owner Andre Morse told V8 Sleuth.

“People have been good, sharing it on Facebook and Instagram and all those places, so hopefully they will turn up.

“We’ve begged and borrowed – one accident and we’re out now. We’re under the pump.

“The car isn’t 100 percent but it’s close enough. We’ve borrowed a couple of parts. There has been a little bit of paddock help, which has been good.”

Dunlop Series qualifying is now scheduled to start at 9:50am AEDT.

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