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EREBUS Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan is leading a uniting of forces in the Supercars pit lane to tackle rising Gen3 costs.

Once mooted as a sub-$350,000 product, Gen3 cars are now said to be, conservatively, more than $600,000 each.

Ryan though has been at the forefront of buying items in bulk in conjunction with rival squads for mutual benefits.

“There has been a bit of that going on, and I’ve tried to lead it a fair bit but it’s hard to get some people to change their model that they have already got,” he told V8 Sleuth when asked about the united front.

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“It has worked well with some of the smaller teams, we are trying to help each other to save money and just get parts done essentially.

“Sometimes it’s easier to go to a manufacturer when you’re making 50 parts rather than just going there and making six parts, so you can go there and get the jobs actually done and agreed to and you can get them cheaper.

“There’s definitely a model that you can do it.”

Ryan’s efforts have led Erebus to work with most other teams already at one stage or another – but he warns that tightening timeframes will soon force an every man for himself approach.

“Most teams we’ve done something for, whether it’s the wheel clips or just little bits and pieces,” he added.

Erebus’ first Gen3 chassis

“We’ve worked pretty closely with Matty Stone, we’ve done some manufacturing together, and Brad Jones and Tickford; even DJR and Triple Eight have bought some stuff off us that we’ve done together and we’ve bought some stuff off other teams.

“It has been pretty good, it can probably be better, but it’s running out of time now.

“It’s going to be every man for himself soon because we have just got to all get it done.

“We might not have the luxury to do it as a combined bulk order but we’ll keep working at it because it’s definitely a good model if we can create it.”

Erebus last week showed off the build of its first Gen3 chassis exclusively via V8 Sleuth.

The former Mercedes squad is one of six Supercars teams which will run Chevrolet Camaros next year, joined by Triple Eight Race Engineering, Brad Jones Racing, Team 18, Matt Stone Racing and PremiAir Racing.

On the Ford side of the fence will be the Shell V-Power Racing Team, Tickford Racing, Walkinshaw Andretti United, Grove Racing and the Blanchard Racing Team.

The Gen3 era is all set to kick off at Newcastle on March 10-12, with Round 2 of the 2023 season to come at Albert Park as part of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

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