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Ryan: No sympathy for Triple Eight over disqualification

EREBUS Motorsport boss Barry Ryan says he has no sympathy for Triple Eight following its Newcastle disqualification, leaping to the defence of Supercars’ Head of Motorsport Adrian Burgess.

Triple Eight drivers Shane van Gisbergen and Broc Feeney finished 1-2 in the Newcastle opener on Saturday, only for both Red Bull Camaros to be disqualified for breaching driver cooling regulations.

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The team had mounted dry ice boxes – which cooled air going to the drivers’ helmets – on the right-hand side of its cars, rather than in the designated area on the passenger’s side.

Triple Eight claimed in the stewards’ hearing that Burgess had viewed the cool boxes and verbally approved their positioning on Thursday in Newcastle – a point the Supercars motorsport boss denied.

Dry ice being added during Shane van Gisbergen’s second pitstop. Pic: Fox Sports

Stewards ruled approval was not given and labelled the situation a misunderstanding. Triple Eight has appealed the finding and publicly slammed Supercars for the way it’s handled the matter.

Asked if he has any sympathy for Triple Eight’s situation, Ryan said: “Nah, the rules are so clear. We all knew.

“There was even an email last week about where ballast can go and where the cooling goes. It has to go in that position (in the passenger side). So I have no sympathy at all. They did something wrong.

“And if, as they claim, they got verbal permission, why didn’t they ask for written permission? I wouldn’t do anything without written permission because you’re looking for a fight.

Brodie Kostecki’s Camaro in Newcastle. Pic: Ross Gibb

“I definitely wouldn’t be picking on Adrian and saying he’s a liar. Adrian definitely doesn’t lie about shit. His integrity shouldn’t be questioned, in my opinion.”

Erebus driver Will Brown was among those left visibly struggling following the Saturday race due to heat.

Like Triple Eight and Grove Racing, Erebus Motorsport uses the new ‘ChillOut’ electric system for its driver coolsuits, rather than a traditional dry ice coolbox.

The ChillOut though does not have the capacity to also cool the helmet fan air, which led to Triple Eight adding its now infamous dry ice boxes to its cars as a secondary system.

Erebus’ drivers Brown and Brodie Kostecki only had ambient temperature helmet fan air in Newcastle, and Ryan says he’s in no rush to add helmet air cooling.

“That will probably only be for Townsville, maybe Darwin,” he said. “The next few rounds we probably won’t even run the coolsuit. In the short races it won’t be a drama.

“We could go back to a dry ice system. I’d rather keep the ChillOut and develop our own dry ice system for the helmet fan.

“And put it in the right spot so we don’t get pinged for it…”

Erebus leads the Teams’ Championship after the Newcastle 500, with Kostecki and Brown second and sixth consecutively in the Drivers’ standings.

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