Got a favourite car you want to know more about – tell us!

FOR some years the V8 Sleuth Aaron Noonan has provided stories to the Supercars website under the ‘Saturday Sleuthing’ banner.

These popular stories trace the history of various race cars – mainly Supercars but often touring cars from history including Super Tourers, Group A and C cars.

There is always a very, very long list to choose from and we often have email and social media requests for certain cars from our readers.

With the second half of 2017 now upon us, we’re drawing up our schedule of stories for the remainder of the year – and we want to hear from you!

Often our stories are selected on a balance of criteria – sometimes it depends on what round is coming up next on the calendar, sometimes it takes time to reach contacts to discover where certain cars are and sometimes we just have a log jam of cars and can’t do them all!

Send us a message via our Facebook account here or email us here with your suggestions.

V8 Sleuth strives to both preserve and celebrate Australian motorsport’s rich history, from tracking and tracing the race-by-race histories and changing ownership of individual cars, to capturing and retelling the stories of the people who made our sport what it is today.