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Stone’s special father-son Gen3 project

“ANY day you can go to work and build race cars with your old man is a good day.”

That’s the way Supercars team owner Matt Stone views the opportunity to bring two Gen3 Camaros to life with his respected father Jim by his side.

Jim Stone is a Supercars Hall of Famer who was one half of the multi-championship-winning Stone Brothers Racing outfit which ran from 1998 to 2012.

Jim has been present as ever in the MSR garage through the 2023 pre-season, imparting his wisdom on the next-generation Stone squad.

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The early signs are that it has paid off, with the Truck Assist cars of Jack Le Brocq and Cameron Hill appearing to run well in each of their three pre-Newcastle 500 track days.

“It has been fantastic,” Matt, arguably the most hands-on team owner in pitlane, told V8 Sleuth.

Jack Le Brocq, Matt Stone, Jim Stone and Cameron Hill. Pic: Supplied

“The main reason the chassis are MSR03 and MSR04 is because MSR01 and MSR02 are cars that Jimmy and I built together.

“Dad being so involved throughout the build has been fantastic.”

That, in part, answers a question which had popped up when MSR’s Gen3 chassis names came to light: what exactly are MSR01 and MSR02?

The pair are in fact Holden Toranas made in the mid-2010s for Touring Car Masters, initially raced by Jason Gomersall and now owned by Jim Pollicina.

MSR01 is a four-door model and MSR02 two-door.

Matt Stone. Pic: Supplied

“Effectively when it came to numbering these cars, MSR has already built two race cars from the ground-up,” Stone Jr explained.

“They’re even the same chassis colour, built entirely in-house as these were, they just happened to be built for TCM so those chassis designations already exist and are registered with Motorsport Australia and everything.

“We were thinking about whether we change the pretext but I thought these (Camaros) are in-house ground-up built by us and so were the Toranas so it makes sense for us to continue that chain of numbering.”

MSR is planning to build a third Camaro Supercar as a spare car and with a view to running main game wildcards in 2024.

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