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Super2 leader escapes punishment for technical breach

SUPER2 ace Zak Best has been cleared by stewards after a post-qualifying technical infringement was detected on his pole-winning ex-Dick Johnson Racing Mustang.

The rear wing on the #17 was measured at 13.5 degrees after qualifying this morning at Wanneroo Raceway; the maximum permitted angle is 13 degrees.

However, no further action was the outcome of a hearing attended by Anderson Motorsport owner Michael Anderson and race engineer Brendan Hogan, with an unusual explanation accepted by the stewards.

“The Competitor denied any breach of Rule G2.1.1 and maintained that before the Session the Team had made an adjustment to the gurney angle and it had measured 12.5 degrees – under the maximum permitted angle,” read the stewards report.

“The Team did not dispute that the angle had been measured at 13.5 degrees when in Parc Ferme after the Session but maintained that this was only because Team personnel had had to push the Car up a steep incline onto the scales at the end of the Session and by so doing the angle had increased.

“The Stewards determined to examine the Car in Parc Ferme and invited the Authorised Representative to measure the wing angle using the Team’s device. It measured 12.5 degrees.


“The Stewards then invited the CTM (category technical manager) to measure the wing angle using the Supercars device. It too recorded an angle of 12.5 degrees, not 13.5 degrees as had been reported to the Stewards.

“With the permission of the Team and the Stewards, the MoM (manager of motorsport) pushed down on the wing and pushed it up again and, after doing so, the wing angle was measured again and recorded 13.5 degrees on both the Team’s and the Supercars’ devices.

“It was evident that the entire boot assembly has a degree of movement in the boot retaining pins.

“The Stewards were satisfied that when Car 17 completed the Session the boot would have been at its lowest point due to downforce on the gurney and that, in that position, the wing angle did not exceed 13 degrees.

“The MoM accepted that it was possible that the higher angle recorded after Car 17 was weighed is explained by the boot having been pushed up on its catches by Team personnel applying force to the wing to push the Car onto the scales.

“That the wing angle had decreased to 12.5 degrees between the time of earlier measurement and inspection by the Stewards is entirely consistent with the boot having settled back down into its original position before it was pushed onto the scales.”

Best went on to finish third in Race 1, which wrapped up a short time ago.

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