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Supercars ‘comfortable’ with Gen3 deadlines

SUPERCARS powerbrokers remain confident about delivering Gen3 to its fullest by the 2023 Newcastle 500 in less than three months’ time.

While the bulk of chassis have been constructed, timelines remain tight on the overall project, with teams racing the clock to be ready for their first hitouts on either January 30 (northern/Queensland Raceway) or February 1 (southern/Winton).

And that’s nothing new, Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess stressed to media during the Adelaide 500 race meeting.

“This is normal… this is how they go, this is how they are. It’s always one minute to midnight,” Burgess said.

“It’s the same when the ZB came out, it’s the same when the Mustang came out, it’s the same when the Car of the Future came out.

“All the best intent has 25 cars sat in the garages in December and everyone goes away and has a month holiday at Christmas but it doesn’t happen like that.”

Supercars CEO Shane Howard has described Gen3 as the biggest project in the category’s history but reiterated that all is under control.

“We’re comfortable with the supply chains now, the delivery of the chassis and componentry, so we’re comfortable with the timeframes that we can work to, to deliver those cars for Newcastle,” he said.

There may yet be tweaks after the season begins, Howard pointing out how Formula 1 had to adjust on the fly to issues with its new-for-2022 cars such as porpoising.

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Burgess added: “There’s always going to be tinkering.

“You look at any race car at the start of the year to the end of the year, there’s always updates and we know there will be updates with this.

“The Wright brothers didn’t build an A380, did they? The thing has evolved.

“We’ll find when we have got 25 cars running, there will be some issues, there will be some reliability that creeps in and that’s the standard evolution of a race car.

“You want to hope that we’ve captured everything in this phase and you don’t have many of these ongoing issues but that’s a race car.

“People are still having steering failures on the COTF car that we’ve had for nine or 10 years, so that’s always part of the project.”

Supercars completed further Gen3 testing yesterday at Queensland Raceway, with James Courtney, Will Brown, James Golding, Warren Luff and Bayley Hall sharing the driving duties.

Ford Performance motorsport program supervisor Kevin Groot was also on hand. The Blue Oval is known to have raised parity-related concerns in recent weeks.

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