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Supercars explains Adderton entry snub

SUPERCARS boss Shane Howard has declared it “a good thing” that Peter Adderton wants to become a team owner, while explaining why his bid for an entry was knocked back.

Adderton publicly campaigned for Supercars to release the dormant 26th Teams Racing Charter in order for him to field a car for Richie Stanaway in the 2023 championship.

The Boost Mobile founder’s push included announcing at the Gold Coast 500 that he’s ordered a Gen3 Chevrolet Camaro from Triple Eight ahead of the new season.

Although it’s been clear for some time that he won’t be granted the TRC, Supercars has remained silent on the matter – until now.

Addressing media at the VALO Adelaide 500, Howard confirmed that the grid will remain capped at 25 cars in 2023.

“There’s a very strict process that we have to administer for that (releasing the 26th TRC),” said Howard.

“Just because you want to go racing doesn’t mean you can.

“There’s been a lot of RECs (Racing Entitlements Contracts, now known as TRCs) sold previously and people have had opportunities to buy them off existing teams.

“The point that we’ve got a TRC that’s held by RACE or the Supercars Board, they’ll make the decision on whether they consider allocating that or not.

“But it’s always been, it’s in the teams’ business model, they own the TRC, and they can sell them if they want to.

“I know it’s frustrating for Peter, (but) you just can’t have a TRC just because you want one. You have to go through the process.”

Howard affirmed that the 26th TRC could be released for 2024 and, if that process is initiated, it would be offered to existing teams first.

When conceding defeat over his TRC bid last month, Adderton declared that he’d been blocked by the existing team owners.

Peter Adderton (right). Pic: Lucas Wroe / One Nine Media

When asked to clarify if the existing TRC holders have a say in the process of releasing the 26th TRC before 2025, Howard said: “Correct.

“Our existing TRC holders are our partners in business and we work with them collaboratively to deliver the product.

“They are the show, they’re very professional, they’re the best at what they do, and we as management are there to promote the show and grow the business.

“We are hand-in-glove with our existing TRC holders.

“They are the people who have put in all the time and effort, they’ve been through the good times, bad times, they’re our partners.

“We respect the teams and of course they have a say in it.”

Adderton has now set his sights on running a Camaro as a wildcard in selected 2023 events, which is also pending Supercars’ approval.

One of those events is the Gold Coast 500, which is again slated to have Boost Mobile as a naming rights partner next year.

“Pete is a very, very clever marketer and activator. He did a fantastic job on the Gold Coast 500 and he wants to go racing,” Howard added.

“He’s been involved in racing for a very long time. He’s been with a number of our teams as a sponsor: Tickford, Walkinshaw, Erebus, he actually wants to go racing himself and be part of his own destiny.

“When you’ve got someone like that who has got a very good brand and a very good marketer and they want to be involved in your sport, that’s a good thing.

“But we have to go through a process.”

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