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The gremlins PremiAir overcame in productive debut

PREMIAIR Racing bounced back from early issues to enjoy a strong opening Gen3 hitout.

It was not until three hours after pitlane opened yesterday at Queensland Raceway that James Golding’s #31 Camaro turned its inaugural lap, electrical/fuel pump troubles having held them back initially.

Most teams have been guarded about any teething issues they’ve experienced during Gen3 shakedowns.

Grove Racing has not yet discussed what occurred with the loose wheel which sent David Reynolds off-track at Winton, while V8 Sleuth has learnt that clutch dramas were at the heart of a less-than-smooth debut for Dick Johnson Racing on Tuesday.

PremiAir team principal Matt Cook was open in sharing the cause of their slow start, however.

Pic: PremiAir Racing

“We had a fuel pump issue and it turns out it was the zeroing of the fuel pump sensors that sort of held us back a little bit,” Cook revealed to V8 Sleuth.

“Once we rectified that and got all of the fuel pumps up and running again the car was back to eight cylinders and running at 100 percent.

“Apart from a few electrical issues at the start of the day which you can’t really account for, mechanically the car ran faultlessly and nothing fell off – we didn’t have any loose wheels or anything like that, so we were very happy.”

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The second-year squad made up for lost time with a jam-packed afternoon program, including a 20-lap stint with Golding at the wheel.

Recruit Tim Slade also spent some time in the car, ahead of a shakedown for his #23 Chevrolet next Tuesday.

“We managed to start to tune the car for a bit of performance, which I didn’t think we were going to do,” said Cook.

It was Tim Slade’s (middle) first track day with PremiAir Racing. Pic: Matthew Paul Photography

“The idea was just to make sure the car went round and round and didn’t burn to the ground and didn’t do anything silly and we started to tune for performance, so it was a good achievement in the end.”

In fact, Cook was buoyed by the competitiveness of his car’s lap times in comparison to their Triple Eight counterparts with whom they were sharing the track.

“We were happy with the times we were doing,” he said.

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“You’re only as good as the track conditions and the other cars around you; we had the stopwatch on Triple Eight and we did the same times as them.

“It tells us that the track conditions weren’t great but compared to the other cars out there, we were matching them so we were very happy with that also.”

Pic: PremiAir Racing

While his team’s Camaro Supercars have been described as Triple Eight turnkey products, Cook voiced his pride at the work of PremiAir’s mechanics in laying the foundations for a season full of opportunities.

“Our mechanics definitely did 100 percent of the car,” he clarified.

“We sort of basically built them under their roof alongside them but we put it all together ourselves, so we’re super proud about that.

“We’re super confident in our driver line-up, we’re so excited about Tim coming onboard and he gets his own car next week.

“We want to keep progressing. We did quite well in the back half of last year, we want to keep that momentum going and with the two drivers we have got, we’re really hoping for some good things.

“We’re going to have a good car, we’re going to have good reliability, we’re going to have good drivers and hopefully the results come from that.”

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