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The next challenge for Gen3 Supercars

SUPERCARS has rung the changes to improve its Gen3 cars since Albert Park; now the focus has pivoted to a new priority in the eyes of team owners.


There’s been extensive – and necessary – work done in recent weeks to fix issues relating to fires, chassis fragility and parity concerns.

It’s hoped all measures will prove a step in the right direction, allowing the category to get back to working on ways to make the Gen3 platform more financially sustainable.

“We have got to be able to bring the costs down,” Grove Racing owner Stephen Grove said of the next area needing improvement.

“The cars have been built at a price that’s probably a bit higher than we would have all liked but they are what they are.

“But for us it’s not so much the initial cost, it’s the cost going forward, so we need to work really hard on that… because it needs to be sustainable over the long term.

“And if it’s not sustainable, it’s a problem for the industry.”

Tim Blanchard, owner of the smallest Supercars team, concurred.

“It’s mainly the operational costs that we need to look at and also the working on the car, like the labour component of it too,” said the Blanchard Racing Team boss.

“I think it’s quite labour intensive and what’s required for some of the repairs we need to look at and improve, which will obviously impact the operational costs.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good product, I think it looks fantastic, sounds great and we have obviously had some really good racing already with it.”

Speaking in the same team principals press conference yesterday afternoon, Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan made a point of praising Supercars.

“I would say, probably not many people have said it, but huge credit to Supercars technical for what they have done,” he said.

“They got the cars very, very close and to have the CoG (Centre of Gravity) within 2mm is a big credit to them and the homologation teams.

“And the engines are really, really close; obviously the little mapping changes that Ford needed, that’s just stuff for the driveability which we’ve heard about.

“Parity is what we all want; we don’t want Camaros all up there and Ford down the back.”

Round 3 of the season ramps up today, with opening qualifying at the Bosch Power Tools Perth SuperSprint starting at 11:10am local time (1:10pm AEST).

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