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Tickford, Erebus war of words over Cutting clash

A WAR of words has broken out between the bosses of Tickford Racing and Erebus Motorsport in relation to a crucial mid-race incident.

The #6 Monster Energy Mustang of Cameron Waters/James Moffat had been the effective leader until the latter was sent into a spin at the Cutting on Lap 46.

That followed contact with Erebus ace Brodie Kostecki.

Moffat miraculously kept out of the wall but dropped to 21st while Kostecki pressed on, unpenalised.

The post-race stewards report revealed it was deemed Moffat had “failed to give racing room to Car 99 at the apex, causing the contact.”

That’s not a view shared by Tickford CEO Tim Edwards, who is adamant his team had the speed to win.

“Our day was ruined when Brodie turned us around 100 laps from the finish,” he told V8 Sleuth.

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“We lost so much track position there that we had to do everything we could and cash in every chip we had to be creative and get ourselves back towards the front of the field.

“It left no room to manoeuvre to try to get past those other two cars (winners Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander and runners-up Chaz Mostert/Fabian Coulthard).

“The last couple of stints it just came down to track position and we had no mechanism or way of short-filling or doing anything because we cashed in all of those chips just to get ourselves back up there.

“The fact is, our day was ruined by Brodie.”

Waters ultimately finished third, one place ahead of Kostecki after executing a superb overtake into Griffins Bend on the final Safety Car restart.

Cameron Waters and James Moffat with their third-place trophies. Pic: Mark Horsburgh

Edwards nevertheless was bemused that Kostecki, the cousin of Tickford duo Jake and Kurt, had not been penalised.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

“That is not a corner you overtake, you just don’t. To put your nose in there, what do you think was going to happen? To not get a penalty was just bizarre.

“Jake does the same thing to Murph on a corner that you can overtake (Griffins Bend), it cost Murph one position instead of 15 that it cost us and he gets 15 seconds.

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“It’s just beyond bizarre but anyway, him getting a penalty wouldn’t have actually helped us get back.

“Unfortunately he didn’t get a penalty but our day was ruined at that point. It’s pretty disappointing that he’s such a bonehead.”

Moffat had also slammed Kostecki in the post-race press conference, saying that “Brodie just drove like a dickhead at the Cutting and turned us around”.

Edwards’ Erebus counterpart Barry Ryan came out swinging this morning in response to comments from the Tickford camp.

“Brodie was left a gap at the Cutting,” Ryan told media.

“As James Moffat does in everything he drives, he had tunnel vision or is just stupid and turned in on Brodie, ask anyone he races.

“For James and Tim to label Brodie a dickhead and imbecile publicly when it was clear Brodie made a racing move on an amateur driver is completely unfair.

“The incident was also cleared by the stewards.

“If Tickford want to blame someone for losing their shot at a Bathurst win, they need to look at their own co-driver and his actions.

“Brodie and Dave drove the wheels off the 99 car and chose their fights like professional drivers do.”

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