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Triple Eight building two new cars for 2024

TRIPLE Eight Race Engineering has committed to building two brand-new Gen3 Chevrolet Camaros with which it will tackle the 2024 Repco Supercars Championship.

For the first time since its maiden Supercars championship triumphs in 2008, Triple Eight was this year beaten to a title by a rival from the same manufacturer.

Chevrolet counterparts Erebus Motorsport were responsible for inflicting such a defeat (in both the drivers’ and teams’ stakes), leaving Triple Eight to lick its wounds and plot a route to reclaim its throne.

The Banyo juggernaut is leaving no question about its hunger, opting to build up all-new cars for Broc Feeney and recruit Will Brown to race in 2024.

That differs from Erebus’ off-season predicament, where it too may build two fresh Camaros – but reluctantly and out of necessity, due to a want to preserve its all-conquering EMH05 chassis and avoid re-using EMH06 which was badly damaged in Adelaide.

What exactly Triple Eight has in store for the three chassis its team fielded this year remains to be seen, but managing director Jamie Whincup certainly cut a steely figure in Adelaide.

“We present every year as championship contenders and we’ve had pretty much most teams in pitlane in some year have a really good battle and take us to the line,” said Whincup.

“Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t, but we’re always there, we’re always bringing the title to the last round.

“There’s only a couple of times that I can think of where we haven’t been a title contender coming into the last round, so I’m proud of the job everyone has done.

“Like 2007, like 2010, it wasn’t our year this year but we’re P2 – nothing to be ashamed of – but of course we want to get the #1 on the door every opportunity we can, and we’ll make sure we put our head down next year.”

Triple Eight’s new pair of cars are likely to be named 888A-065 and 888A-066, given the previous most recent build was 888A-064 which had at one stage been destined for a Peter Adderton/Boost Mobile wildcard.

That never came to be, and 888A-064 ended up in PremiAir Racing’s possession – still yet to be raced.

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