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Triple Eight prioritising Gen3 over Car #88 rebuild

THE ongoing Gen3 VCAT and an upcoming Sydney ride day have conspired to create quite the juggling act this month for Triple Eight Race Engineering.

The Banyo juggernaut was among the teams caught up in the Sunday Gold Coast pile-up, with Broc Feeney forced to retire from the race with major front and rear damage.

The team wasted no time in stripping the battered #88 ZB Commodore but won’t actually complete the rebuild process until much closer to Adelaide 500 in early December.

“The damage was fairly substantial, it was front and rear damage,” Triple Eight team manager Mark Dutton told V8 Sleuth.

“The good thing is, it was tilt trayed back up here Sunday after the race and first thing Monday morning some of the team here that didn’t go to the race got stuck into stripping it so that by Monday it was down to the fabricators.

“It took them a couple of days to cut off all of the broken and bent and twisted parts and then re-fabricate and weld on all of the replacement components and make sure everything is exactly where it needs to be.

“That’s super important, the tolerance and the accuracy there, just for the performance and the comparison between both chassis when you’re at the track.

“They did all of that and then it headed to the painters – we don’t do painting in-house – so we haven’t got it back to rebuild it yet but that’s mainly because we don’t need it back right now.”

Instead, Triple Eight will deploy its Bathurst wildcard car alongside Shane van Gisbergen’s #97 at the Sydney Motorsport Park ride day early next week.

The wildcard car, chassis 888A-053, will then be handed over to PremiAir Racing for James Golding to drive at the Adelaide 500. Golding’s usual ride will remain sidelined for now following severe damage sustained at Surfers Paradise.

The Subway Supercar post-crash. Pic: PremiAir Racing

“Fortunately we have got the wildcard in good condition after Bathurst so that’s got a bit of a service and set-up ahead of the ride day next week,” Dutton confirmed.

“Car #97 is being prepped as well so those two cars will go there.

“The lads are cracking on with the Gen3 build now and then closer to the final event, probably with a week to go we’ll put the #88 boys back on rebuilding #88.”

In the interim, Triple Eight is focusing its resources on Gen3 manufacturing. It also has a chunk of its personnel out at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport this week for VCAT testing.

“It’s one of those things where if we get stuck into (the repairing of Golding’s 888A-044), then no Gen3 components are getting made and that’s actually the priority right now,” said Dutton.

“Because there is the wildcard car available to use at the (Adelaide) event and that #88 is already repaired, that’s sort of the best course of action to keep the workflow going.”

Triple Eight is Supercars’ designated homologation team for General Motors and its 2023 Chevrolet Camaro race product.

The team has already sealed the 2022 drivers’ and teams’ championships with a round to spare.

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