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V8 Sleuth Mailbag – we answer your questions!

THE mailbag is regularly filling up at V8 Sleuth HQ from the regular communication we get from readers via our website, social media and email inboxes.

So, V8 Sleuth’s Aaron Noonan is here to answer a wide range of questions from our readers on various topics.

Here we go …

Why won’t Supercars race again at Phillip Island?
From Gavin Carr

AN: It’s a very expensive business to hold an event at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. While it’s an absolutely ripping circuit it hasn’t drawn a solid crowd for a Supercars event for quite a few years, regardless of the various formats and times of years it’s been held. I can only deduce that’s the main stumbling block to the category going back there. It’s a financial loss waiting to happen if the crowd sizes aren’t big enough.

Paul Radisich at Phillip Island in 2002, his last year with Dick Johnson Racing. Photo: an1images.com/Graeme Neander.

Why is there such a lack of transparency when it comes down to what teams don’t want a new team in pit lane?
From Lisa Pears

AN: This question certainly shows that there’s fans out there very much on the Adderton/Boost bus! He’s spent a lot of time pushing the narrative of the teams not wanting him and he’s clearly getting lots of buy in from a range of fans who have adopted this viewpoint.

I think you’ll find the teams are all far more concerned on how fast their cars will go in Adelaide and making sure their Gen3 cars are ready to get rolling in 2023 than Pete pounding his social media accounts every few hours.

As others have said before, buying a team is the best way into Supercars and how pretty much everyone else has done it. Triple Eight bought Briggs, Prodrive bought Glenn Seton Racing, the Kellys did a deal with Perkins, Grove bought Kellys etc etc.

Adderton is great for the game in terms of not being afraid to have a view and express it (media fodder for months!), but the viewpoint of the teams on the whole is pretty clear without them needing to issue a statement – they built or bought their teams, as should anyone else wanting to come in. And those that have already got skin in the game get first crack at any newly available grid slots.

Really enjoyed the honesty of the highs and lows in the Steven Ellery podcasts. Probably rate this one second to the Tomas Mezera one. Do the guests ever say what questions are off limits or do you just go wherever the conversation takes you?
From Rowan Saxby

AN: Glad to hear you’ve enjoyed them Rowan! I don’t regularly have a discussion with guests before we start recording as to what’s off limits. Most of it is simply common courtesy and having a relationship with the guest for some time and respecting that.

For example, I did ask David Reynolds before we started if he was OK to talk about the accident he had at the Mount Buller Sprint (his navigator Paul Flintoft tragically lost his life). Dave said he was OK to talk about it, so we did. I felt uneasy asking him about it without warning given the subject matter; I don’t like guests feeling like they’ve been ambushed.

Given existing cars will end up in Super2, then Super3 and so on, when do you think that god awful excuse for a Mustang might be gone from my TV screen? My retinas are curious.
From Stuart Thorp

AN: Bad news Stuart, they’re going to be around in Super2 and then Super3 for quite some time yet. Best to get some new shades to protect those retinas of yours …

Bad news for Stuart … there’s going to be plenty more Gen2 Mustang action for some years to come … Photo: Nathan Wong.

Any idea on how many teams or cars are going to be on the Super2 grid? As far as I know (public knowledge) only three cars have been committed to Super2. One for Matt Chahda, one for Anderson (both Mustangs) and one for CoolDrive.
From Daniel Meads

AN: Final exact numbers not clear but things are starting to come together. I’d expect multiple cars from Tickford Racing, Eggleston Motorsport I’d expect to have three cars, Erebus and Image Racing with two, the ones you’ve mentioned in your note plus I’d expect Brad Jones Racing to be in the mix with some. Andre Morse has the choice of cars between WAU Commodore and Tickford (Waters) Mustang, I hear one of the current MSR ZBs will be in Super2 too. More to come in upcoming weeks no doubt as teams start to get themselves sorted.

Is it possible to do a podcast on the tracks? We hear about the drivers and cars and stats at what they did at the tracks but not the tracks themselves.
From Karl Williams

AN: Certainly a possibility in the future Karl. We’ll add it to the idea machine for the 2023 podcast planning. Got a particular track you’d like us to start with?

Will you guys be releasing any prints or books (even updated) in recognition of the final Holden races this year? The story will be complete in the next week or so.
From Michael Chambers

AN: No plans from us Michael to do any of these things off our own bat. We do have involvement in some planning with another organisation that has a few plans in store for Holden flavoured items to mark the end of the brand’s time in Supercars but we’ll leave that for them to announce and confirm in the next week or so.

Adelaide will mark the final Walkinshaw Holden weekend. We can’t wait to see what livery they roll out for Adelaide … Photo: an1images.com / Dirk Klynsmith.

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