Yes, Jack Perkins is using a cordless drill as part of the process to prepare a V8 Supercar engine to be fired up. Pic: YouTube / Perkins Engineering

THE latest episode uploaded to Perkins Engineering’s YouTube channel features Jack Perkins demonstrating how to run up a V8 Supercar engine.

Race engines aren’t designed to sit around for extended periods of time, so periodically firing them up and running them is part of keeping them healthy between outings to the track.

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Using the restored PE 041, the episode follows Perkins as he prepares the car’s engine to be started, plus what checks are completed while it’s running and after it’s switched off.

The full story of chassis PE 041 is told in our book, Perkins Engineering: The Cars, 1986-2008.

While the V8 Sleuth Bookshop is sold out of stock, copies are still available from the National Motor Racing Museum at Mount Panorama.

Watch the full episode in the player below!

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