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WAU calls for ‘Big Bash’ Supercars event

SUPERCARS should take a leaf out of cricket’s book and draw inspiration from the immensely popular Big Bash League competition.

That’s the opinion of Walkinshaw Andretti United CEO Bruce Stewart, with a view to future calendars.

Based around cricket’s shorter Twenty20 format, the BBL has enjoyed particularly strong crowds and television ratings this summer, and all eyes will be on its final tonight at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Stewart believes Supercars can benefit from thinking outside the square and looking at its own mid-week one-day format.

“You just see what cricket has done in regard to the way they have segmented their different events, and we have a natural segmentation,” he told V8 Sleuth.

“The Bathursts and the Adelaides are the Test cricket, the four-day events for Supercars, and then we have the sprint events which feel like a shorter form, which are your two-day events and have a different type of motor racing and a different way you prepare.

“It’s a different focus and intensity for the crew.”

There’s scope for some T20-inspired “icing on the cake”, according to Stewart.

“Cricket do it really well with the Big Bash, with the T20,” he explained.

“Supercars, for the next evolution of calendar and racing, it would be great to consider how we could incorporate a one-day night event at a lit track like a Sydney Motorsport Park where the teams get there at midday and set up.

“You have got qualifying at 5pm and then you race at 7:30pm and you encourage the crowds to come for a night of Supercars racing for an hour and a half and it’s all about entertainment, it’s all about the fans.

Bruce Stewart with Chaz Mostert. Pic: Walkinshaw Andretti United

“That’s what we’re here for, we’re in the business of entertainment, so if it’s hard for teams or if it’s different and difficult, we should always bear in mind that we have got to do the best for the fan and give them entertainment and have them walk away and go ‘that was great’.

“And that’s not just the rusted-on fan, but that format would be to encapsulate the people on the fringes: the potential fan, the one who is mildly interested, the friend of the passionate fan who can come along and go ‘that Supercars is alright’ and then we start to bring them into the family of other events.”

The 2024 Repco Supercars Championship will feature 12 rounds, with hopes widespread for an increased number of events for next year’s calendar.

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