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What’s next in Goddard’s sights

ZANE Goddard has a dream two-pronged campaign in mind for 2024: dovetailing a GT racing program with Supercars co-driving.

Despite some solid showings, not only was Goddard unable to leverage his Triple Eight wildcards into a main game return, there’s set to be a new face in the Supercheap Auto seat alongside Craig Lowndes next year, namely Cooper Murray.

Goddard is not about to start kicking stones, however.

“GT of some sort, whether that’s GT3 or GT4, would definitely be the ideal thing to do,” the 24-year-old told V8 Sleuth of his 2024 aspirations.

“We saw a lot of the co-drivers did that this year and it seems to really help out with that, but also the whole series has definitely grown with SRO getting behind it, which is really promising.

“It’s just something that I definitely want to get involved in and it seems like there’s a lot of great opportunities, and to get to try some bloody cool cars as well.”

Globally renowned organisation SRO Motorsports Group is promoting separate GT3 and GT4 categories in Australia next year; taking over the former from the Australian Racing Group, and creating a nation-first standalone series for the latter.

“It sort of seems like a halfway step between the open-wheelers I did over in Europe and the Supercars that I do now,” Goddard added of GTs.

“I feel like it’s something that I would enjoy racing.

“I still definitely want to do co-driving in Supercars. Ultimately, I would love to get back full-time but at the same time you see a lot of drivers getting great opportunities in the GT stuff, (Jayden) Ojeda included.

“So there’s a lot of opportunities there but I definitely have got my eyes on Supercars and doing co-drives and all that sort of stuff, for sure.”

After years of unsuccessfully trying to find a way into the Repco Supercars Championship full-time, Ojeda has captured attention among international Mercedes-AMG GT3 teams this year and last weekend competed for Craft-Bamboo Racing in the Asian Le Mans Series.

Reflecting on his own Supercars season – which included a trio of solo races in Darwin, 10th with Lowndes in the Sandown 500, and a Bathurst 1000 derailed by a gearshift tower failure – Goddard was full of positivity.

Zane Goddard runs ahead of Mark Winterbottom at the 2023 Sandown 500. Pic: Supplied

“I enjoyed the experience immensely,” he said.

“Everyone in the team basically in their role is the best at their role, whether that’s engineers or mechanics, everyone is so good and there’s so much to learn and I feel like as a driver I could take so much away from that. So that was good.

“Obviously Sandown we had some really strong pace, got 10th in the race.

“I guess the main thing was just qualifying, we just started a little bit on the back foot. Race pace we weren’t too bad and race craft and everything, obviously Craig was really strong in the races, both races he brought us forward a fair bit, so that was really positive.

“Bathurst as well we were quite quick, all practice we were looking pretty good on the race runs and that sort of stuff.

“Same thing with the qualifying, just a little bit further back than we would have wanted, and then yeah obviously we had the gear tower break which was a shame because I think our pace was really good.

“Like even at the end of the race when we didn’t have sixth gear, we were still lapping at an alright lap time.

“So, there was definitely potential to have a really good day, which is upsetting, but it is what it is.

“It was a pleasure working with everyone in the team, it’s no fault of anyone’s that it happened, it was just bad luck I guess.”

Goddard has previously spent one-and-a-half seasons full-time in Supercars, with Matt Stone Racing in 2020-21.

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