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Why Gen3 Supercars won’t test until 2023

THE need to be nothing short of 100 percent ready was behind the move to delay Supercars’ Gen3 testing program.

That’s the view of Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan, who labelled the postponement “smart business”.

It was announced today that the first round of team testing, initially mooted for mid-December, will now take place in late January.

Ryan has thrown his support behind the decision, which was agreed upon between teams and Supercars itself.

“It’s not like anybody got railroaded into changing their plans or anything,” he told V8 Sleuth this afternoon.

“It’s just smart business that we all need to be 100 percent ready, not 90 or 80 or 75 percent.

“This will just buy us the time that we need. Supply issues are still are a drama – it’s no one’s fault, we have just got to get on with it.”

There had been industry-wide concerns surrounding crew members’ off-season workloads, with the 2022 season still weeks from finishing and plenty of work required to turn Gen3 chassis into complete cars.

“No one would have been able to achieve that earlier test anyway, properly,” Ryan continued.

“Now at least we can have some security that if we took a week off at Christmas, we know what we’re heading into in early January and we can have some sort of break before a massive season.”

A busy six-week period now looms between the shakedowns – on January 24 for southern teams and January 30 for their northern counterparts – and the season-opening Newcastle 500 on March 10-12.

However, Ryan does not anticipate there will be late curveballs to throw a spanner into the works once cars hit the track.

“Well, I hope by then everything is perfect,” he said.

“We’ll certainly bolt it together perfectly, it’s just whether the components are all exactly what we need, which I’m feeling pretty confident it will be.

“They have done enough testing now with the prototypes, anything that is not prototype is probably something that should be a step up from prototype. “Like we do with all our race cars, once we build them we go out and race them. We don’t muck around bringing them in every five minutes and checking them, we’ll be going out and going as fast as we can.”

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