A RANGE of Australian motorsport heroes are being celebrated in an upcoming series of children’s books now available for pre-order here via the V8 Sleuth Online Bookshop.

The new additions to the market are long overdue and provide a publication designed for kids with a motorsport flavour.

The brainchild of long-time motorsport media member Grant Rowley, the ‘Little Heroes’ series of five books tells the stories of John Bowe, Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Jim Richards and rally ace Molly Taylor.

Each 28-page colour book tells the story of the career of each hero, from their humble beginnings to the modern day.

Rowley says that he drew on his passion for the sport and his admiration of the stars in creating the Little Heroes collection.

“I’ve grown up with motorsport. Ever since I watched Dick Johnson crash through trees when I was two years old, not a day has passed where I haven’t thought about race cars,” he says.

“The Little Heroes books are my tip of the hat to these five superstars of our Aussie motorsport scene.

“Cartoons and drawings are another life-long love of mine. I guess I’ve never really grown up! I still love watching cartoons, and I feel there’s no better way to celebrate the lives of these great drivers than through illustrations and some easy-to-read poetry.”

Complemented by rich illustrations by celebrated design team Avoltha that feature star cars of each driver’s careers, the books are a wonderful journey for young readers and have the support of each of the featured drivers and their families.

Each of the five books: ‘Johnny Bee’ (Bowe), ‘King Pete’ (Brock), ‘Dicky Jay’ (Johnson), ‘Gentle Jim’ (Richards) and ‘Molly Tee’ (Taylor), are available for pre-order here now in the V8 Sleuth Online Bookshop with the first copies to be available in July.

Click here to purchase the books from the V8 Sleuth Online Bookshop.