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Penalties move multiple cars to rear of Bathurst 6 Hour grid

A HANDFUL of teams have been penalised from yesterday’s qualifying session for today’s Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour production car Easter classic and will be moved to the rear of the grid.

The #10 Class X HSV GTS of Brock Giblin and Brandon Madden was excluded from qualifying due to being under the minimum ride height, while the ex-David Ratcliff 710 Motorsport Toyota Camry of Shane Logan, Darren Goddard and Russell Greaves was found to also be under the ride height requirements and will also start from the rear of the grid.

The #971 BMW M135i A1 class car of Patrick Barnett, Peter Bray and Timothy McDonald was excluded from the results of qualifying for its turbo being found to have overboosted.

WHO’S WHO: The full entry list for the 2024 Hi-Tec Oils Bathurst 6 Hour

Another BMW, the #105 135i of John Fitzgerald, Aaron Zerefos and Brent Howard, was excluded for failing to have data transmit from its car to race organisers.

The #23 BMW of Will Davison, Beric Lynton and Tim Leahey will start from the Class X and outright pole position when the race gets underway at 11.45am AEDT.

They’ll be joined on the front row for the rolling start by the M3 of Tyler Everingham, Michael Auld and Brianna Wilson.

BMWs fill the top six spots on the grid with the Aaron Seton-driven Mustang the best V8 on the grid in seventh.

Aaron Seton will share the #30 Mustang with Jason and Ben Gomersall. Photo: Nathan Wong/Bathurst 6 Hour.

A total of 57 cars ran in qualifying yesterday with 58 expected to start the race today.

The #13 Renault Megane of Colin Osborne, Zach and Rick Bates is a scratching after Bates Jnr crashed at the top of the Mountain yesterday.

The accident is an unfortunate end to Osborne’s racing career without making the start grid, the former CAMS President taking the decision to call time after multiple campaigns in production car racing, including at Bathurst in formats including the 3 Hour, 6 Hour, 12 Hour and 24 Hour.

TV coverage on SBS, Fox Sports and Kayo Sport kicks off at 11.30am AEDT.

Top 10 Grid and Class Pole Sitters:
1. Davison/Leahey/Lynton, BMW M3, 2m22.2531s (Class X pole position)
2. Everingham/Auld/Wilson, BMW M3, 2m22.7782s
3. Randle/Kavich/Kavich, BMW M2, 2m22.9637s
4. Ojeda/Hodges/Miedecke, BMW M4, 2m22.9984s
5. Crick/Campbell, BMW M2, 2m23.1980s
6. Cox/Turner/Rubis, BMW M4, 2m23.7465s
7. Seton/Gomersall/Gomersall, Ford Mustang, 2m24.4522s (Class A2 pole position)
8. Muggleton/Lillis/Callaghan, Chevrolet Camaro, 2m24.6305s
9. Russell/McLennan/Smollen, BMW M4, 2m24.8241s
10. Mecklem/Morrall, Ford Mustang, 2m24.9276s
17. Blomqvist/Quinn/Yu, BMW M2, 2m29.6791s (Class A1 pole position)
26. Buccini/Prince/Palermo, BMW 135i, 2m33.6420s (Class B1 pole position)
30. Navin/Halstead, VW Scrirocco, 2m36.9783s (Class C pole position)
40. Robotham/Buckley/Wood, Toyota 86, 2m40.7738s (Class D pole position)
53. Longmore/Gardiner/Gardiner, 2m46.9285s, Mazda 3 SP25 (Class E pole position)

The only Camry in the field was found to have not met the ride height rules. A lack of availability of the control MRF Tyres rubber in the size the car normally runs contributed to the miscalculation. Photo: Nathan Wong/Bathurst 6 Hour.
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