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Supercars solutions in works for 2025 AGP

TALKS have already begun to improve the Supercars experience for teams and fans at next year’s Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

There has been widespread angst at the restricted access allowed to the relocated Supercars paddock at this year’s Albert Park event.

That’s come as the alternate pitlane has been handed to the FIA Formula 2 Championship, despite the fact they’ll use the F1 pitlane during live sessions this weekend.

Walkinshaw Andretti United director Zak Brown declared fans had lost out “because now they don’t get to see Formula 2 or Supercars (up close)”.

“It’s unfortunate that with the set-up, at the end of the day the fans are getting a lesser experience than they received last year,” said the American who is also CEO of McLaren Racing.

“So if we’re not going to be in the pitlane, then at least put us in an environment where fans can see us.”

Ryan Walkinshaw also expressed disappointment, lined with hope for a brighter future.

“I think we present very, very well as a category,” he said.

“I think we present better in pitlane than F2 do, and also we’re open and transparent so fans can actually walk down pitlane and they can see race cars being worked on, which I think is a big part of the event and the fans love that.

“So having race cars behind closed doors I don’t think adds a huge amount to the event – I think it detracts from it – and when you find out that F2 aren’t even using the pitlane to refuel, that’s another little bit of frustration from our side.

“But it looks like there’s some good plans going forward on what they are going to do next year to make it better.

“We’ll work with this for one year, we’ll do the best show we possibly can, we’ll get in and service our partners and our fans and make sure that we make a big noise while we’re here and focus on what we can do next year to improve.”

Cars line up ahead of a session

Supercars general manager of motorsport Tim Edwards noted the current solution has ended up “actually very workable for the teams”.

“There’s always going to be challenges with not being in a pitlane and having what we’re accustomed with,” he told V8 Sleuth.

“But for the area they’ve built us and the size of the hoeckers and the type of flooring, I think on balance most people are pleasantly surprised with how workable it is.

“We’re already having positive conversations about, now that we’re here and living it, what we can do different to make it better for us and the public next year.”

There has been no official announcement as yet around Supercars’ place at the AGP beyond this year.

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