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Supercars votes in new Gen3 testing rules

SUPERCARS teams will be able to split their pre-season testing of cars across different dates in a rule change aimed at helping navigate the Gen3 rush.

Previously, a team would be required to run all of its cars at any given test day (or at least have it counted in that manner).

However, with a race against the clock to build the Gen3 grid, each of the 25 full-time cars will be allocated an individual shakedown and test to be used when desired.

The move comes following a Supercars Commission meeting this week and is pertinent given that several teams are close to finishing their first car, so will not have to wait until their full fleet is complete before hitting the track.

An additional rule change has seen the 60km distance limit removed altogether from the pre-season shakedown, meaning maximum laps can be completed.

The February 22 all-in test at Sydney Motorsport Park is proceeding, making for three days of running for each Supercar prior to the Thrifty Newcastle 500 on March 10-12.

“This decision allows for flexibility and fairness for all 25 entries ahead of the 2023 Repco Supercars Championship and has the support of teams in pit lane,” said Supercars CEO Shane Howard.

There will be 14 Chevrolet Camaros on the grid at Newcastle. Pic: Supplied

“The move to Gen3 vehicles is the biggest change in the history of the sport for drivers, engineers and teams.

“It was agreed that this format would allow each driver maximum time behind the wheel of their new Supercars prior to racing them for the first time, and would not give any team an unfair advantage in the testing phase.

“Some teams are already in a position where they would be able to conduct shakedown and testing as originally scheduled, while others are not due to several factors.

“Each team has different business models and supply programs. It cannot be assumed every Team will have all the necessary componentry at the same time to cater for its entire squad.

“This new testing schedule ensures each Supercar and each driver can get the necessary track time they need prior to the first event of the Gen3 era from 10-12 March.

“Teams are supporting this move to a flexible testing program that ensures everyone has the ability to get on track and test the new Supercars sufficiently and equally prior to Newcastle.”

The Blanchard Racing Team is poised to become the first team to complete a Gen3 shakedown, on February 1 at Winton Motor Raceway.

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