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The secret trick behind van Gisbergen’s epic burnout

SHANE van Gisbergen put a fresh spin on the phrase “give it some jandal” while celebrating his 2022 Repco Supercars Championship victory in Adelaide.

The Triple Eight driver stunned the Adelaide crowd by performing a burnout while standing on the roof of his Red Bull Ampol Commodore.

He’d started the celebration by performing a series of donuts around the Supercars Championship trophy, which had been placed on a box in the middle of the front straight.

While that manoeuvre was pre-arranged with Supercars’ television arm, van Gisbergen then nosed his Commodore up against the pit wall to perform a stationary burnout.

Once he got the rear wheels spinning, the Kiwi climbed onto the roof of the car and saluted the crowd, before running over to grab the trophy and get climb back into the driver’s seat – all while the burnout continued.

Van Gisbergen then completed the act by performing a series of tyre-popping skids while hanging the trophy out of the door of the car.

Shane van Gisbergen holds the 2022 championship trophy while executing a burnout. Pic: Mark Horsburgh

While van Gisbergen was cagey about how he managed to keep the rear wheels spinning when he was out of the car, the trick lay in the whereabouts of his right boot.

“I think what he’s done, if you study the footage, you’ll see that he’s missing one boot,” team manager Mark Dutton told V8 Sleuth.

“He’s taken the boot off and wedged it in there (to keep the throttle down). He did that with some planning with his number one mechanic J-Rod (Jarrad Farrell).

Van Gisbergen’s burnout. Pic: Nathan Wong

“They got in there and wedged a boot and checked out some throttle percentage to see if it would work.

“But no, we didn’t pre-brief that one (as a team). Shane loves it. He’s always pushing the limits and having fun.”

Van Gisbergen said the inspiration for the incredible display was a desire to outdo Russell Ingall’s championship celebration from 2005.

On that occasion Ingall performed a series of donuts while half hanging out of the open door of his Stone Brothers Racing Falcon.

“I just wanted to do something to beat Ingall’s skid. His skid is the all-time best ever, so hopefully it rivalled it. I haven’t watched it yet,” he said.

“We didn’t do anything special for it. The car was normal. And it kept spinning.

“I just like winging stuff. I asked some friends what I should do. Again, I just wanted to beat Ingall.

Russell Ingall celebrates his 2005 championship win at Phillip Island. Photo: an1images.com/Justin Deeley.

“I knew I wouldn’t be allowed and I’m probably to flexible enough to sit out of the car like that, but I wanted to come up with something.

“Tunners (Supercars’ TV boss David Tunnicliffe) told me to do some skids around the trophy, but I didn’t really want to do that, I was worried about hitting it.

“He wanted me to hit it because it would be good TV!”

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