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Tickford’s 3:30am finish to rebuild Waters Ford

CAM Waters will be out to reward his crew today at Hidden Valley after an all-night effort to rebuild his Monster Energy Mustang.

Waters was leading Race 1 of the Darwin Triple Crown yesterday when his car caught fire, sparked by a loose fuel fitting.

Tickford Racing’s 3:30am finish means Waters will be able to take part in qualifying this morning.

“I said this after the (James Courtney fire at the) Grand Prix, fire is always the worst – it just gets into everything, so every hose, every bit of wire, plus all of the bodywork that you see,” CEO Tim Edwards said a short time ago.

“It was a good team effort, they really worked hard and at 3:30 this morning they got it finished.

“They went back, had a shower, about an hour-and-a-half’s sleep and back to the circuit this morning so a great effort by the team.”

Tickford was forced to call on wiring spares carried by the category, not to mention make some bits and pieces overnight, but Edwards believes Waters will have just as much chance to be up the front as yesterday.

“The car is 100 percent,” he said.

“When you lift the bonnet it doesn’t look magnificent or you look inside the cabin, it doesn’t look great.

“You have only got that fake dash in there at the moment, we don’t have things like that in there, even the composite panel that goes under the windscreen that’s going to be right in Cam’s eyeline, it’s looking a bit torched.

“Visually it’s not perfect but mechanically and electrically it’s sound.

“The car speed is there so there’s no reason why the car’s not as good. He did a couple of 1:05.9s yesterday so hopefully he can do exactly the same today.

“There would be no better way to rebound than to do that.”

Tickford will complete further repairs on the #6 Ford once it returns back to base at Campbellfield, while its motor will be sent to Herrod Performance Engines.

On top of a team-made modification overnight, Edwards also indicated there may be an engine design alteration prior to next month’s Townsville 500.

The rebuilt #6 Monster Energy Mustang. Pic: Ross Gibb
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