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Why Courtney is revelling in BRT situation

JAMES Courtney has been down this road before.

Only it lasted just one round, as his highly anticipated collaboration with Team Sydney almost instantly fell apart.

Four years on, Courtney is sinking his teeth into another mission from the ground up, with the expanded Blanchard Racing Team.

And after a quiet start to the season, there was no hiding the enjoyment taken from a big step forward at last weekend’s Perth SuperSprint.

Courtney was sixth in the Saturday race, and trailed home rookie teammate Aaron Love for a 13th/14th Sunday result.

The latter came after Courtney had fought as hard as ever on-track to rise from 21st on the grid, winning out more often than not including with a series of switchbacks at Turn 7.

“I reckon that was the best race I have had in a long time,” Courtney beamed to V8 Sleuth.

James Courtney. Pic: Nathan Wong

“Trying to pass here is a nightmare and having to work so hard to look after the tyre as well as race the guys.

“For me I feel it was a great race and one of the best ones I have done in a long time. It was just so much fun passing the guys on the outside and tricking them, like I did it to three or four of them, the same move.”

The end-of-race reaction of the entire BRT crew made it all the more special.

“A lot of people probably think we’re crazy celebrating 13th and 14th, but as a team, I think we can all see the potential and if we clean everything up and get everything right, we’ll head towards the front,” said Courtney.

“I’d do this forever. There’s nothing that ever comes close to those moments.

“I got out of the car and to see how excited the boys were, it’s awesome.

“And they could see, with Aaron as well, how much we want to get results and we’re so passionate and both race as hard as we can to get as much out of it as we can.

“Just to see the enjoyment on those guys’ faces when we come in is excellent. I’m loving it.

Courtney aboard the #7 Snowy River Caravans Mustang in Perth. Pic: Supplied/Mark Horsburgh

“I tried to do this sort of situation a few years ago (with Team Sydney) and it didn’t work out, but things happen for a reason.

“I think this is a much better environment, much better people to work with, with Tim (Blanchard) and his Dad (John), and they can see the big picture and are willing to make the hard calls and spend the right amount of money to get it in the right place.

“As a team, there’s only one way we’re going and it’s towards the front.”

Rounding out the BRT experience for Courtney is the chance to mentor Love, a 22-year-old with a reputation for being fast if sometimes erratic.

“Working with Aaron is great, I see a lot of myself in him,” said the 2010 champion.

“He’s super quick and races aggressively and all that stuff. Sure there’s going to be mistakes along the way but for me it’s nice trying to minimise those mistakes.

“I can see when he is trying to maybe get too much out of the car… just trying to shortcut and minimise those mistakes I made through that part of my career, I think it will be better for him in the long run.”

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