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The history of every car in the 2022 Bathurst 1000

THIS year’s Repco Bathurst 1000 will have a field of 28 cars tackle the 161-lap race on Sunday October 9.

There’s a total of 19 ZB Commodores set to take on nine Mustang GTs in this year’s 1000-kilometre classic that marks the last appearance of Holdens in the ‘Great Race’.

The 25 regular Repco Supercars Championship competitors will be joined by three wildcard entries.

BATHURST SCHEDULE: What’s on and when at Mount Panorama in 2022 for the Repco Bathurst 1000

V8 Sleuth is the Australian motorsport authority when it comes to keeping a track of the histories of Supercars and documents and tracks the histories of all Supercar chassis, past and present.

So, here’s a quick look at the history of each car in this year’s race …

#2, Nick Percat/Warren Luff – NTI Mobil 1 Commodore ZB
WR 025. Chaz Mostert’s 2020 chassis that finished third at Bathurst that year with Mostert and Luff driving. Bryce Fullwood’s #2 Middy’s WAU car for first part of 2021, spare for remainder of the season before becoming Percat’s 2022 chassis.

Nick Percat’s #2 Commodore at Sandown. Photo: Nathan Wong.

#3, Tim Slade/Tim Blanchard – CoolDrive Mustang GT
PRA 1520. Built new as an FG Falcon by Prodrive Racing Australia in 2016 and driven by Mark Winterbottom from Darwin to end of season as Bottle-O car. Cam Waters’ Monster car for 2017, Will Davison’s Milwaukee Falcon in 2018 and converted to Mustang for him to drive in 2019. Phil Munday pulled out in early 2020 and car became James Courtney’s Boost car for rest of season. Slade’s CoolDrive car across 2021, damaged in Bathurst season opener, returned to action late in season and remained car #3 ever since.

#4, Jack Smith/Jaxon Evans – SCT Commodore ZB
BJR 006. New as a VF Commodore for start of 2016 for Jason Bright at BJR and then used by Nick Percat in 2017. Not raced in 2018, used by various BJR drivers during 2019, raced by Smith in 2020 onwards.

#5, James Courtney/Zane Goddard – Snowy River Caravans Mustang GT
TR 2025. Jack Le Brocq’s Truck Assist/Tickford Mustang in 2021, became Courtney’s chassis start of 2022 and driven by the 2010 Supercars Champion for the entire season to this point.

#6, Cam Waters/James Moffat – Monster Energy Mustang GT
TR 1824. Cam Waters’ Monster Energy Mustang throughout the 2021 championship and he’s carried on racing it throughout the 2022 championship.

#8, Andre Heimgartner/Dale Wood – R&J Batteries Commodore ZB
BJR 007. New as a VF Commodore for start of 2016 as Tim Slade’s BJR car. He raced it through to end of 2017, Macauley Jones’ 2018 wildcard car and used by Jones for most of 2019. Not raced until it was called back up for Sandown 2022 after Heimgartner’s huge crash at The Bend with Thomas Randle.

#9, Will Brown/Jack Perkins – Boost Mobile Commodore ZB
EMH02. New for David Reynolds at start of 2018 and raced by Reynolds through to end of the 2019 championship. Not raced in 2020 or start of 2021 but wheeled out for Will Brown at Sandown ’21 after his Mount Panorama 500 crash. He’s remained in this chassis ever since.

#10, Lee Holdsworth/Matt Payne – Penrite Mustang GT
KR010. New chassis late in 2021 for Andre Heimgartner debuted at the first of the four Sydney Motorsport Park rounds and used by the Kiwi through to the end of the year before becoming Holdsworth’s chassis for 2022.

#11, Anton De Pasquale/Tony D’Alberto – Shell V-Power Mustang GT
DJRS-02. New chassis for De Pasquale at beginning of 2021 season and driven by ‘ADP’ throughout 2021 and 2022 Repco Supercars Championships.

#14, Bryce Fullwood/Dean Fiore – Middy’s Commodore ZB
BJR 011. New chassis for Tim Slade at start of 2018 that he drove throughout that year and most of 2019. Todd Hazelwood’s car in 2020 and 2021 before becoming Fullwood’s for 2022.

Bryce Fullwood’s Brad Jones Racing/Middy’s Commodore at the 2022 Sandown round. Photo: Nathan Wong.

#17, Will Davison/Alex Davison – Shell V-Power Mustang GT
DJRS-01. New chassis for Davison at beginning of 2021 season and driven by Davison throughout 2021 and 2022 Repco Supercars Championships.

#18, Mark Winterbottom/Michael Caruso – IRWIN Commodore ZB
888A-048. The original Triple Eight prototype ZB Commodore, only raced once by Jamie Whincup in New Zealand 2018. Winterbottom’s chassis from 2019 onwards.

#20, Scott Pye/Tyler Everingham – Alspec Commodore ZB
888A-052. New for Shane van Gisbergen at start of 2018 and raced by the Kiwi in 2019. Became Pye’s chassis in 2020 and he’s remained behind the wheel of it ever since.

#22, Chris Pither/Cameron Hill – Coca-Cola Commodore ZB
888A-051. Triple Eight customer car for TEKNO Autosports and raced by Jack Le Brocq in 2018 and 2019. James Courtney’s Team Sydney car for 2020 Adelaide 500 before he left the team and Alex Davison drove for rest of season. Fabian Coulthard’s car for 2021 and now Pither’s PremiAir car in ’22.

#25, Chaz Mostert/Fabian Coulthard – OPTUS Mobil 1 Commodore ZB
WR 026. New chassis for Mostert for 2021 season, won Bathurst sharing with Lee Holdsworth and chassis continued to be raced by Mostert throughout the 2022 championship.

#26, David Reynolds/Matt Campbell – Penrite Mustang GT
KR011. New Mustang in 2020 for Rick Kelly in Castrol colours, became Reynolds’ in 2021 and raced by him ever since. Luke Youlden raced it for two SMP rounds last year in addition to co-driving at Bathurst.

#31, James Golding/Dylan O’Keeffe – Subway Commodore ZB
888A-044. Triple Eight customer car built for Team 18 in 2016 to replace Darwin crashed chassis. Driven by Karl Reindler and the recovered Lee Holdsworth and then Holdsworth’s chassis through to end of 2018 (was updated from VF to ZB for ’18). Chris Pither’s 2020 Team Sydney chassis raced by Garry Jacobson last year and became Subway car for 2022, initially driven by Jacobson but by Golding since Townsville.

James Golding at the helm of the Subway Commodore at Pukekohe. Photo: Richard Opie.

#34, Jack Le Brocq/Aaron Seton – Truck Assist Commodore ZB
888A-039. Craig Lowndes’ Red Bull Commodore VF from Sandown 2014 through to the end of the season. Kurt Kostecki’s Super2 car in 2016 (that filled in as Preston Hire Racing’s main game car during that season) and 2017 before becoming brother Jake’s for 2018 and early 2019 before it was upgraded to ZB and driven by Jake and Brodie Kostecki as an Enduro Cup wildcard. Shared by Jake and Zane Goddard during 2020, Jake’s car in 2021 and now Le Brocq’s for 2022.

#35, Todd Hazelwood/Jayden Ojeda – Truck Assist Commodore ZB
888A-050. New for Jamie Whincup at start of 2018 and driven by him through to end of the season, became Hazelwood’s MSR car in 2019, Garry Jacobson’s in 2020, Zane Goddard’s in 2021 and Hazelwood’s once more in 2022 when he re-joined the team.

#51, Richie Stanaway/Greg Murphy – Boost Mobile Commodore ZB
EMH04. New for David Reynolds at start of 2020 and driven by him throughout that season, his last with the team. Will Brown’s WD-40 car he crashed in 2021 season-opener at Bathurst, slated for abandoned Stanaway/Murphy wildcard at Bathurst in 2021. Used by Jordan Boys as Image/Erebus wildcard at Winton and The Bend this year before become the Kiwi wildcard chassis for Bathurst.

#55, Thomas Randle/Zak Best – Castrol Mustang GT
FPR 1519. New as a Falcon FG X built by FPR/Prodrive Racing Australia and run by Chaz Mostert as Supercheap Auto car from 2016 to 2019 (converted to Mustang for ’19) until its crash on the Gold Coast. Became Jack Le Brocq’s Supercheap Auto car in 2020 and Zak Best’s wildcard chassis this year, turned over to Randle from Sandown onwards in wake of start line crash at The Bend.

#56, Jake Kostecki/Kurt Kostecki – TRADIE Mustang GT
PRA 1621. New as a Falcon FG X to start 2017 for Mark Winterbottom as The Bottle-O entry. Driven by ‘Frosty’ throughout ’17 and partway into 2018 before it was turned over to Richie Stanaway to use from The Bend onwards. Converted to Mustang and became Lee Holdsworth’s car in 2019 and 2020, Thomas Randle’s Castrol wildcard car in 2021 and Jake Kostecki’s car in 2022.

#88, Broc Feeney/Jamie Whincup – Red Bull Ampol Commodore ZB
888A-055. Driven by Whincup from start of 2021 through to the end of his last season as a full-time driver, taken over by Feeney for use throughout 2022 to this point.

#96, Macauley Jones/Jordan Boys – Wet & Forget Commodore ZB
BJR 010. New for Nick Percat at start of 2018 and he drove it through to end of 2019. Became Jones’ chassis in 2020 and he’s remained in it ever since.

#97, Shane van Gisbergen/Garth Tander – Red Bull Ampol Commodore ZB
888A-054. New car in 2020 for van Gisbergen and has remained his car ever since from the start of that season. Won Bathurst 1000 in 2020, won the 2021 Supercars Championship and remains in van Gisbergen’s hands as the most winning chassis in championship history.

#99, Brodie Kostecki/David Russell – Boost Mobile Commodore ZB
EMH03. New car for Gold Coast 2019 for Anton De Pasquale after a crunching crash at Bathurst. ‘ADP’ raced it for rest of that season and throughout 2020 before it became Kostecki’s car in 2021 and 2022.

#118, Matt Chahda/Jaylyn Robotham – MCM Commodore ZB
WR 018. Originally a Walkinshaw Racing customer car VF Commodore for Tony D’Alberto that he raced in 2013. Run out of WR in 2014 for Nick Percat and 2015 for Lee Holdsworth. Upgraded at ZB and re-appeared with James Courtney at start of 2018. He raced it through that season (save for Sandown), became the NAPA wildcard car for Bathurst 2019 with Alexander Rossi and James Hinchliffe, WAU wildcard chassis in 2021 for Kurt Kostecki and in 2022 for Jayden Ojeda.

#888, Craig Lowndes/Declan Fraser – Supercheap Auto Commodore ZB
888A-053. New car start of 2019 for Jamie Whincup that he used throughout the 2019 and 2020 championships. Raced by Broc Feeney and Russell Ingall as wildcard at Bathurst in 2021, its only race of the season and not raced since until Bathurst 1000 this year.

Declan Fraser (right) with Craig Lowndes. Pic: Mark Horsburgh
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