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Edwards explains Supercars wind tunnel plan

SUPERCARS’ incoming general manager of motorsport Tim Edwards has provided insight into the initial stages of this weekend’s three-day wind tunnel testing block.

Efforts at the Windshear wind tunnel in North Carolina are underway, with Supercars booking the Haas-owned facility for December 8-10 (US time).

The landmark program has been arranged to achieve aero parity after a controversial first season with the Gen3 Camaros and Mustangs.

“The first day is really going to be trying to understand the two cars,” Edwards said ahead of testing starting.

“We’ll put the Camaro in the tunnel first and it will probably be in there for about four hours and we’ll do some baselines and do a couple of initial changes just to see what they do.

Pic: Supplied

“The goal of (Friday) is to get both of the cars in the tunnel and figure out where we’re at.

“There’s many different versions of what Saturday might look like, but it’s going to depend on what Friday looks like, and until we actually run the two cars and actually get some data to go ‘okay, we’re close’ or ‘we’re not close’, it’s a guessing game.

“The boys have got a lot of parts in there ready to go for whatever they’ve got to try to achieve and they are pre-fitting a lot of those, because we have got three 12-hour days and we’re going to be literally standing at the tunnel door at 6am (Friday) morning.

“We’ll be here at 5am, but we have got to be at the door for 6am, the door opens and we have literally got 12 hours in there until they kick us out at the end of the day and we’ll make a plan for the second day.”

Edwards is effectively replacing Adrian Burgess at Supercars, with the latter off to Team 18.

Pic: Supplied
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